One of the best Smash images is now a shirt ⊟

You can get one of the most compelling Smash Bros. scenes — Mega Man standing on top of a Gogoat as he prepares to swing a Home-run Bat — as a tee, hoodie, sticker, smartphone case, etc. This is all thanks to Sam Smith, who took the original screenshot, created a pixelart version, and uploaded the design to Redbubble.

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The Rage Effect in Super Smash Bros. for 3DS Here’s a video showing of one of Smash 4’s hidden mechanics. I thought it’d be appropriate to share it here. 

Ohh this is a GOOD thing to watch if you’re looking for details on what separates the new Smash from the old.  Just another reason to keep holding out as long as you can!

I’ve now made all of the officially announced pokemon characters for the new Smash Bros game; Pikachu, Lucario, Greninja and Charizard. :D

I wish all of the pokemon were available in the demo but I guess Nintendo has to hold something back to entice people into buying the game. And it works, I’m completely hyped for it. Gonna get it the moment it’s available and probably keep it in my 3ds until the Wii U version releases. I am hype! OAO

Pendants by Trinket Geek:

Super Smash Ball Pendants

R.O.B.: Analyzed!


The Robotic Operating Buddy NES peripheral is back, and now he’s REALLY playing with power!  

R.O.B. was a character that caught a lot of flack in Brawl from competitive players, due to a lack of speed and a serious startup lag on a lot of his attacks.  But we are pleased to say that R.O.B. may just be one of THE most heavily buffed veterans from Brawl in an effort to compensate on that front!

How so?  Well, allow us to explain.

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Here’s something interesting to note, in all the textures of the game, all of the ones with R.O.B. are followed by a file with grey R.O.B., which are marked with “(us_en)”. This includes trophies and all artwork of him. This possibly means that R.O.B. will have a different default color over here, with his original alt just being an alternate color. Interesting, huh?

That IS interesting.  If you do a Google Image Search for R.O.B. you’ll probably see a lot more of this particular color scheme than the red and black one, though both models DID exist on the market.  R.O.B. was much more successful in western markets than in Japan, so we wonder if that might have something to do with it?

If the rumors that R.O.B. will be all grey in the American version are true, we’d be interested to know why.

I made a nice/cleaner version of the finished character selection screen for the 3DS version with the icons ripped from the game.