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Meet Team Solo Mid Leffen

Great video and great exposure for the Smash scene! 

At first, I wasn’t too keen on Little Mac in Smash Bros. I had no problem with his move set, but it was more the amount of attention he was being given. He’s the only one who has a one-hit KO attack that zooms in on him when he uses it, Doc Louis is constantly present in the party board mode, stuff like that.

Then I played Punch Out for Wii and learned a few things…

  • Doc Louis is the best ever at encouraging you when you lose a fight.
  • The opponents are stereotypes, but they are the best possible representation of those stereotypes and are a lot of fun to see in action.
  • The game is really smart about teaching you what you need to know without wordy tutorials and rewarding you for accomplishing something difficult.
  • Landing a Star Punch feels amazing, especially if you can one-hit knockdown your opponent with it.
  • Mac’s Smash Bros move set incorporates a number of attacks that are recognizable as being from his opponents, meaning he represents everyone from his game.

Suddenly I do NOT have any problems with Mac anymore!

Playing a game before you judge a character as good or bad can make all the difference.