i won my first and only wii u for glory match so far, im never playing for glory again, time to retire with my perfect score and remain undefeated forever. if anybody ever challenges me, i will say “i must warn you, i have never lost a single match on for glory.” they will be so impressed and intimidated they will forfeit immediately.

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As far as I know, this only works on DK and Bowser. So if you play Lil Mac and you wanna throw a curveball, this is definitely something worth doing for the giggles.

I had DK set to 55% like the vine did to simulate the scenario, but I played around and you can actually pull this off at 15%.

It utilizes their extremely large hitbox and footstooling (jumping on their head).

Land a down tilt and short hop forward N air. This should set you up for the sweet spot for their head. Then simply jump -> N Air x5.

At the end of the 5th hit, fast fall down so your up B lands.

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