shake my future push me past my complacency
my taken-for-granted my comfort zone
shake my future let me source the unimagined
be released from the sentence of the unevitable
take control, empower myself
past the dour predictions of the present
and change myself…
—  Dorothea Smartt, “Shake My Future”

Just to reiterate, in relation to personal development, a goal is an accomplishment and goal setting is a means to accomplishing the goal. The journey towards a goal begins when one desires to accomplish something they do not currently have or have, yet want to increase what they currently possess. 

The seriousness of taking the journey begins when you pen down your goals. However putting pen to paper is quite a challenge for many. This can be made much easier if you have a good understanding of the key characteristics of a good goal. 

Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Timely and Tangible, or SMARTT, are time tested characteristics of a good goal. 

These are better understood with an example. 

Consider the following example of a SMARTT goal - “I want to train 3 to 5 times a week, in the gym, house or neighborhood, for 4 months starting May 20, 2012, so I can take part in a local 5K race and finish in under 30 minutes, in October, 2012, because I value my Health”

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Toussaint Louverture
by Madison Smartt Bell

"At the end of the 1700s, French Saint Domingue was the richest and most brutal colony in the Western Hemisphere. A mere twelve years later, however, Haitian rebels had defeated the Spanish, British, and French and declared independence after the first—and only—successful slave revolt in history. Much of the success of the revolution must be credited to one man, Toussaint Louverture, a figure about whom surprisingly little is known. In this fascinating biography, Madison Smartt Bell, award-winning author of a trilogy of novels that investigate Haiti’s history, combines a novelist’s passion with a deep knowledge of the historical milieu that produced the man labeled a saint, a martyr, or a clever opportunist who instigated one of the most violent events in modern history. The first biography in English in over sixty years of the man who led the Haitian Revolution, this is an engaging reexamination of the controversial, paradoxical leader."

( read this for the information not for the writing, the writing is very dry but it’s worth reading just because)

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This dog is snoring like she worked ALL DAY!! I think she needs to be paying rent LOL 😜🐶 #wakeyobuttup #ruffday (at The Smartt Ranch 🐎🐂🐔🐶)

I have so many things to do but I still find myself browsing Tumblr.

Speech choir.




GH Workshop.

Photo shoot.

SMARTT club activities.

Costume and props design.

Mythology and Folklore stage play.


And the list goes on….

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My calico Koi will do anything for a bit of food! #showa #koi #fish #pets #oasis #home #mybackyardisawesome #fairygarden (at Smartt Station, Franklin, TN)