Kickstarter Print

So, for the New Blood Kickstarter campaign, I began making a screenprint to give out as one of the rewards.

Because I was pretty busy with projects and so on I didn’t want to do anything that would take too long, but at the same time that should not mean the print has to be of low quality.

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Interim Degree Show Signage

Here we go again…

Got myself into doing signage for the degree show, along with Chris and Sarah. As always it’s taken more time

The initial idea we had, which was probably the only idea that was retained throughout the abattoir-esque process of chopping and changing ideas, was to use layers of cut perspex, with the overlap creating a third colour.

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Erasmus Poster

Making a poster for our Erasmus exhibition. I did this as an excuse to try out half toning possibilities…

Something simple, I thought. Just bubble text, or something, shouldn’t take long.


Right, so maybe this is going to be a little harder than I expected.

Okay, lets approach this from a different angle. Half tone an image in the background?


No. Nonononono.


Getting there, but still. Far too hairy looking.

Half tone shading, I’ve come to realise, only looks good when done in moderation, or very lightly. Too much ends up like the above. The handwritten text isn’t great either; some of it is nice, but it still looks too inconsistent.

After countless edits and on the verge of entering a very dark place indeed, I had a little composition advice from Josh and I managed to come to this:


You maybe can’t see on the white blog background, but the blue is no longer the paper, and is surrounded by a white border. My handwriting is a bit better but still not perfect.

Once I got to this point I started to experiment a bit more. I used the halftone for the fill colour, duplicated it and made this ‘criss-cross’ variant. It looks quite nice!


I really liked the ‘blurring’ effect the two halftone fills had. This could come in handy for my personal project - there are a lot of scenes involving fast pacing during a boxing match, and I’ve been wondering how I’m going to achieve a blur. In general mixing colours through halftone swatches may also be interesting to do. I did try the above with three colours (a blue), but it became a little cluttered.

So maybe this wasn’t a complete waste of time, then.