Independent Publishing Resource Center (IPRC)

I went and had a look around the IPRC, which is essentially a one stop shop for those interested in the self-publishing scene in Portland. The facilities include; letterpress, screen printing, computers to use on site, an ever expanding zine library, as well as the use of typewriters, photocopiers, printers, guillotines, binding machines and anything else you might feasibly need.

They’ve been up and running for 15 years, and their space now is fantastic - sounds like it has come a long way from the days of “a photocopier in a closet".

It is based on an affordable membership scheme, enabling anyone to get involved. They also do a lot of outreach projects, courses, and collaborate with local organisations.

Thanks to Chloe and Asher, two of the volunteers that let me wander around and distract many of their members. I left feeling somewhat envious that London hasn’t got anything quite like this to offer.