The eyes of a lion are red, fiery and hollow.

Lions beat their own sides with their tails to psych themselves up for battle. Some naturalists believe this works because there is a tiny sting buried in the tuft.

Lions can rot flesh with their breath, and they do this whenever they’ve finished feeding, so scavengers can’t eat their leftovers.

Lions are terrified of roosters, especially white ones.

They cannot eat bears or wolves without becoming melancholy.

Lionesses frequently commit adultery with leopards. If they become pregnant they hide their offspring in a leopard colony and pretend they are out hunting so they can sneak away to visit.

When lions become sick they cure themselves by eating apes.

“The males have ever more harder bones than the female, for by striking them together you may beget fire”

Lions are so proud that they can’t stand to be seen running away, so when they are being hunted they’ll always try to stroll nonchalantly behind some trees or rocks so they can flee with dignity intact.

anonymous asked:

I want to clear my blog completely and start fresh but I have over 15k posts. Is there an easy way to delete all of them?

I did this two months ago, u can either download xkit and download the extension mass delete which deleted up to 1000 posts, BUT i was unable to work that so youll have to ask tryiss how to use it. For me, i used mass editor which sadly only deletes 100 posts at a time, and is on the right hand side bar on ur main dashboard (youll have to go on ur laptop) its in small writing and its normally under the “recommended” blogs tab. I hope that helps :)