Two hours later and it still smells like fish. Kids….this is why we do not cook fish in the office. Especially a small office.


The irony wasn’t lost on Studio O+A when they heard that this developer of mobile apps, looking for bigger headquarters, had set its sights on…a shuttered printing plant. Opting to preserve the three-story, 4,200-square-foot building’s concrete interior walls and exposed wooden beams was the first decision. Photography by Jasper Sanidad.

Do small spaces drive creativity?

Larger homes accumulate more STUFF. More furniture, appliances, keepsakes, cars, tools, etc. If you have more room, you’re likely to “need” more things. A four bedroom home, for example, might have four beds, four dressers, four closets; each room, in turn, having its own decor and storage. THAT’S A LOT OF STUFF. 

So what happens when you shrink the space, to say, 500 sqft or less? 

No room for the third or fourth bed. You may not even have room for a bed at all. These small spaces might even help fuel creativity, as “space” becomes more valuable. Perhaps a staircase doubles as a bookshelf, or the bed is lofted to maximize room for guests. Every nook and cranny offers opportunity and encourages resourcefulness.  

Do these smaller spaces help us think outside the box? Help us to rethink our “needs” vs. “desires” and put “living spaces” in perspective? 

What do you think?

Small Office/Home Office Unit @ Bonifacio Global City, Taguig

Pre-Selling: SOHO (Small Office/Home Office Unit) of Ayala Land

(Can be simultaneously used as an office space and residential home)

Location: Bonifacio Global City, Taguig (Near St. Lukes Hospital, fronting S&R & beside Lexus showroom)

SOHO unit: 37-60 square meters
4.5M-7.5M (min 10% Down Payment)

Ideal for Real Estate Broker’s Office, other business offices, clinics and small commercial establishments/offices.

If interested, please send me a private message or call 09173078615/032-4065969. (:

Šedá / Grey

Obklopeni šedou, černou a dřevem – tak žijí v Burnley house na předměstí Melbourne. Strohé, čisté, vzdušné. Rozmanitost prostoru dodávají různé dstíny šedé v kombinaci se dřevem. Velmi zajímavým prvkem jsou černé stropy. Již jednou se zde na blogu objevil interiér, ve kterém byla použita ve velké míře černá, vzpomínáte ? Byl to byt manželů Egelundových (VIPP) v Kodani. Zajímavé pro porovnání.…

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requested by anon

You knocked on the door to the small, almost empty, office, “Was that a knock?” You heard someone ask.

“Come in!” Another voice called. You did as requested, meeting two handsome men as soon as you entered.

“Hi, I saw you were looking for staff?” You asked.

They smiled and the lighter haired one beamed, “You’re hired! I’m Foggy and this is Matt - he’s blind.”