Now for an important OOC PSA for Easter this year.

Okay guys, for everyone who celebrates Easter, we all know that the holiday is just around the corner, but there’s still one thing anybody reading this should know about. Please don’t get a rabbit as a gift for Easter unless you are really sure and ready. Now if you, here’s a small story from a rabbit rescue website.

Clearly, the people who wanted this rabbit were not ready for a bunny as a pet, and thanks to not knowing, she’s not only blind, but it looks like she lost an ear too. Now let’s see the facts about rabbits and show why this family clearly was not ready.


First off, here’s the most obvious reason why rabbits are not good gifts. THEY LIVE FOR TEN YEARS!

And I do mean, LIVE. This is a living breathing animal, not a clothing article, not a video game, a breathing animal like a dog or a cat. Second of all, apparently Gypsy was returned because she was given to a two year old and got too aggressive with her owners because the kid was too rough with her. Lets see why.


According to most forms of data, rabbits are not good for n00b pet owners, especially children. Take note, all rabbits are prey animals and just like their wild cousins, they are afraid of anything or anyone that comes to them like a predator. So if you come on to them too quickly, they can really get scared and get a heart attack, literally. 


Also, all bunnies grow up and generally by two months they go through rabbit puberty. During this stage, they get very aggressive and become delinquents until they are spayed or neutered. Fixing a rabbit generally it costs 300 US bucks, compared to a dog which is usually a fraction of that price. But the expenses don’t stop there, taking care of a rabbit with full supplies can cost up to 1000 bucks a year, and it’s just for one rabbit. Not to mention, most vets are not even trained to take care of rabbits and are noted in the veterinarian world as exotic animals. If you can even find a vet that was trained to take care of rabbits, that’s good, but the visits are more frequent and very expensive. So yeah, rabbits are very high maintenance.


Most new owners are unaware that rabbits love to chew. They will literally chew baseboards, cardboard, paper and pencils anywhere and any time in order to keep their teeth short. Still think it’s no big deal?  The previous items mentioned are not the only things they will chew, they will chew wires if they see them and we all know what happens when pets chew wires.


Yes people, all rabbits need exercise and time to hop around for a few hours per day. A small cage can cause problems since they need space to stretch. Also, rabbits should not eat carrots because their primary diet is hay and leafy greens because root vegetables have sugar levels they can’t handle in large amounts.


Rabbits can use a litter box, but they literally can crap up to 300 times per day. If you’re not prepared to deal with their crap, then you are not ready for a rabbit.


Let just one picture sum everything up.

Please get chocolate or a toy this year unless you are ready and have done all of your homework on rabbits. Because it’s very rare to see Easter rabbits live to see their first birthday.

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Good Things Come in Small Packages! April 1-2 @ ROSES GIFT IDEAS

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Chocolate the Bunny Rabbit.

Chocolate is a cute as a button, little brown bunny who likes to snuggle and eat carrots - preferably stolen fresh from the garden.

One of the Animal Roundup.

Great Easter or any time of the year gift.

pocket totem, polymer clay miniature animal, Easter figurine, small sculpture, metallic chocolate brown, pink nose, pearly white tail

Please note - This is a made to order item. I will endeavor to make yours match but it may differ minimally from the one pictured above.

Chocolate was made by me with love from colored Premo, Sculpey and Fimo polymer clays, then baked.

Chocolate measures approx. 7/8”/2.3cm wide by 1 3/8”/3.5cm high by 7/8”/2.3cm deep.
(All measurements include the ears and tail.)

Chocolate is not meant for children as he has small parts that are fragile and could break off. He is meant for display purposes only.

I recommend that he be cleaned with a damp cloth or dusted with a soft painter’s brush - never immersed in water.

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