Backtrack & H2O would like to have all proceeds of their Live Shot Charity Tee benefiting Smacman to support his journey & cause. 

March 1st 2013, Courtnay Midkiff  (aka Smacman) embarked on a backpacking trip from coast-to-coast , walking through 10 states and nearly 3000 miles of the United States to the Pacific Ocean in California. The sole purpose of this trip is to raise awareness of a chronic disease he suffers from, Fabrys Disease.

Fabrys is a very rare genetic disorder found in only 1 in 40,000-to-60,000 males. Fabrys can affect males and females of all ethnic and cultural backgrounds. Because of the progressive, destructive and potentially life-threatening nature of Fabrys, early identification, evaluation and diagnosis are critical to the health and well-being of individuals with this disease.

Smacman hopes to raise $1,000,000 to support an organization, The National Fabrys Disease Foundation (“NFDF”). The NFDF is dedicated to supporting the Fabrys community. Their five primary functions are: assisting with Fabry disease education, facilitating Fabry disease identification to improve Fabrys recognition and diagnosis, providing various forms of assistance to individuals with Fabry disease, supporting Fabry disease research and promoting advocacy for Fabry disease issues.

“This backpacking trip will, I believe, provide dual benefits, both of which would be positive for the Fabrys community. On one hand, I intend to raise money to help further research and development of treatment; and on the other hand, I expect to give those diagnosed hope, by showing that just because we have Fabrys, doesn’t mean we can’t be as active as anyone else. Living with Fabrys has made me a stronger person and taught me to never give up or quit anything.” – Smacman…

Followers, take a moment and follow @fabryswalkabout on instagram and Twitter as well as . For info on what this is all about, hit up the tumblr site and read up. Spread the word! #smacman #fabryswalkabout

My good friend is about to embark on an incredible journey walking across America to raise money and awareness for Fabrys Disease. Go to his blog, read about it follow him on his journey and if you can donate money to the cause, do it.


Had the pleasure of meeting with Jerry Walter today. Jerry is the founder of the National Fabry Disease Foundation . He met me in Danville where we were met by abc news 13. After a short interview we had lunch and got to talk about my trip and Fabrys in general. Jerry is one of the most informative people I have met on the subject and I got a lot out of the afternoon. Thanks for everything Jerry.

My new noble steed!(with my pack on top) Yesterday after posting about needing a new cart I did a lot of research. Since I knew Chucky and David were going to come hang I looked in Richmond for a “jogging stroller” on Craigslist. Boom! First one was this bad boy. My dad was nice enough to go look at it and purchase it for a whopping $20. The seller, Tim McPeters was very weirded out when I called him because he had just posted it when his phone rang. He was asking $35 for it but considering my trip he cut me a break and offered me “good luck”. Thank you Tim, Dad, and Chucky for making the transformation from broken cart to 3 wheel country crosser so stress free.

What a day! Had a visit from my awesome friends Chucky Edge and David Wood. Not only did they bring me some stuff I needed (including my new cart!!!) but we also had lunch at the Hilltop Restaurant and they walked with me for about a mile or so. Thanks guys!
Ps, if you are ever in Burkeville VA and need a meal, check out the Hilltop Restaurant on Agnew st. Great bacon cheeseburger and awesome thick cut fries.