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Hey, welcome back to Ballet AU. Please see the awesome that is amatterofcomplication’s masterpost for how this craziness began and progressed, and please see my own Fluidity, Rotation, Momentum, Prismatic, Turbulence, and Phase for how this particular story got to this particular point. Disclaimer 1: This is not as sweet as last time. Disclaimer 2: There is some unprecedentedly (for me) foul language herein; I sort of apologize, but the new character will say what the new character wants to say. This particular new character has been in the works for some time, as both tracybering and amatterofcomplication better be willing to swear to in court, if asked… anyway, this is a two-parter, because there is a lot going on. Second part will be up tomorrow or the next day, depending on how quickly I can get some last bits of dialogue to shake as they should.


Myka picks up the ringing phone and says hello absently; Claudia’s already left for the day, and Myka’s trying to make her way through a couple of research reports on microfibers before she herself heads for home.

“Hey, Myka!” Steve says. He’s usually a pretty cheerful guy, but his tone is far too enthusiastic to be real.

“Hey, Steve,” Myka responds, a bit hesitantly. It’s odd for him to be calling her here. “What’s happening?”

“Well, here’s the thing. You know how in the military, they say DefCon whatever number to show how bad the situation is?”


“Well, Mrs. Frederic might have called Helena in a while ago.”


“And I think it’s pretty safe to say that the DefCon is basically not countable.”

Liam, in the background, says, “Tell her that crazy Giselle is looking for an ax.”

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An Old-Fashioned Love Story

For the badass bisexual HG Wells we got and the (old-fashioned lesbian) love story we deserved. Also for laughs, since I’m tired enough that everything pretty much seems funny.