okay i love this vine but just

Imagine Gogo whispering in Hiro’s ear “What do beavers build?” and Hiro is just like ‘aren’t you supposed to be a genius smh.’ But he still replies, “A dam.”

And in this distance there’s a faint crashing noise and then Tadashi shouts, “Hiro, what did you just say?!” and Hiro is like “NO TADASHI SHE SET ME UP.” Meanwhile Gogo is laughing her ass off.

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What are you doing KaiSoo? 😏😍 I can’t stop laughing sdgsgsd

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You literally will criticize the slightest mistakes. Crystal is by no means perfect but appreciate it for what it is. You get more sailor moon, you get another version, that is way more emotional and convincing than the original anime. Tuxedo Kamen in the first anime was irrelevant he had no character development and Usagi and his romance was so unbelievable. They did it right in Crystal. And it follows the manga panel by panel for the most part. Keep in mind the manga wasn't the prettiest ever.

Ok I’m going to go point by point because I just can’t:

  • "Appreciate it because we get more Sailor Moon",
    No sis, I won’t like it just because it’s ‘more Sailor Moon’ it also needs to be good.
    This means that you would even like a poop wrapped up in Sailor Moon paper just because it’s a Sailor Moon gift?. That’s basically what Crystal is.

  • "More emotional and convincing than the original anime".
    Lol sorry but no. How is this convincing at all?. Crystal is not even convincing taking into account the old anime, let alone just Crystal on its own lol. And emotional?. The only emotional thing was when Princess Serenity was crying out loud when Tuxedo Mask was kidnapped, and that was because of Kotono’s acting, the rest of the so called emotional moments are just embarrassing.

  • "Tuxedo Kamen was irrelevant and had no character development"
    Are we even talking about the same show?.

  • "Usagi and his romance was unbelievable"
    LMAO WHAT?!. If you’re saying that the Miracle Romance was unbelievable in the classic anime I really want to know how do you think it is in Crystal LOL.

  • "They did it right in Crystal".
    Ok you just answered me. Oh honey no, there’s nothing right about the romance in Crystal, I think it’s actually pretty bold to say that the romance in the classic anime is unbelievable when in Crystal the romance is the biggest nonsense I’ve ever witnessed. So no.

  • "It follows the manga panel by panel"
    It doesn’t anymore sis, so it’s not a ‘positive’ thing about Crystal anymore.

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I find it funny how people excuse the bad development of the girls with "Oh not every episode equals a day blah blah they could've been friends for months at this point" that whole argument reminds me how Sword Art Online started the show and then CONSTANTLY kept skipping years to show the main characters "development and strength" without really showing it we are just expected to care. It's one thing to show years after a childhood event but just skipping time zones is just to avoid writing

LMAO please…

It’s like when people say that we already know the girls from the classic anime so it isn’t necessary to have ‘fillers’ with the girls bonding and being developed.

Like… WHAT?.

No one cares if it’s been a month since the last act streamed, we do not see the girls bonding or being developed. We’re just not gonna buy their relationship just because of laziness.

Madoka had only 13 episodes and the relationships between the girls were perfectly developed. Some of them even die sooner and you can see how the rest really care for each other and grieve their death.

So it IS possible to have 5 girls have a credible and genuine friendship in 13 episodes.

So the 'but it's been a month since the last episode!' is just a poor excuse and doesn’t really make any sense.