i really hope jessica sues the shit out of sm and gets a ton of money so she can start her own entertainment company and have snsd promote under her company
sick of sm’s shit

Kim Youngmin needs to be fired!

Alright so if you guys don’t know Lee Sooman is not the CEO of SM anymore, Youngmin is. This year has been nothing but a mess and is only getting worst. I HIGHLY doubt Jessica got but either way SM needs to change and they need to change now. Either Sooman needs to be brought back or someone new needs to take over because there’s less than 4 months of this year left but I can see SM destroying its self after the pace it’s been at. Like seriously this is scary.

I know that my own fandom is going through stuff with Seungri, but I can’t help but feel bad for Sones all across the world. I have no words to to express just how sorry I am about the news of Jessica, and I wouldn’t know how I would cope if it were a member of my favourite group, but all I can say is please be strong, and if you can’t, know that other fandoms are here to be strong for you. We may have differences in groups, but at the end of the day, we are a family, and you look out for family. #StayStrongSONES, we are here for you, always!