So I know that some iPhone users are having more trouble downloading Superstar SMTOWN because the process is so complicated. But I finally figured it out, so I’ll share how I did it, step by step!


  • Go to Settings and then iTunes and App Store.
  • Tap on your Apple ID (should be blue), then View Your Apple ID and type in your password.
  • Go to Country/Region.
  • You may get a notice that you cannot change your country because you still have some balance on your account. You’ll need to spend all of it before changing your country. If not, go ahead and change the country to South Korea (it’ll be in Hangul at the bottom).


  • Buy some apps. When you have a random amount where you can’t buy anymore apps because app prices are stupid then you’ll have to add a credit card to your account if you haven’t already. To do this:
  • Go to the Featured tab in the App Store and scroll to the bottom.
  • Tap on your Apple ID and then View Your Apple ID.
  • Go to Payment information and put in your card’s information.
  • Buy one more app - it’ll empty out your balance and use your card to pay the rest.
  • Go back to Settings → iTunes and App Store and change the country to South Korea.


  • Go back to View Your Apple ID in the app store.
  • Go to Country/Region and change it to South Korea (yes you have to do it again do you see how complicated and stupid this is yet).
  • Go back to Payment Information 
  • Go to google and search for any Korean hotel, and then put in the address for the billing address (you can type it in English).


  • Go to the App Store and then Search.
  • Type in “superstar smtown”
  • Download the app! Let the addiction take over dun dun dun
Taemin 's lone sprint , '29th Golden ' music sector popular vote

Taemin has a golden disc album to show off the strength in the sector popular vote.

The 29th Golden Disk Awards Pre popular vote of 17 days 11 a.m. of the current exo ‘addiction’ and Super Junior’s “Mama Sita” is in full swing sector is running a record cumulative rank 1 and 2 above. 9219 obtained a total of 80,000 exo table to keep the lead in 19.18% of the vote, but it is also challenging pursuit of the table 77 271 (16.61%) of Super Junior.

Taemin cruising through the middle third of the ‘lone sprint “is to draw attention. Album ‘Ace’, was released in August Taemin got the 1476 total of 50,000 tables. 1 and 2 above history and propaganda is worth noting some differences but when the ‘ace’ is Taemin Given that the first solo album released out of SHINee.

It begins the popular vote is 10 days since midnight music, digital music, Rookie divided into three sectors are underway only official application is through the Golden Disk (on the App Store ‘Golden Disk’ search). Most of all votes and 70%, even 20% bonsang then the situation is expected to attention of K-POP fans, which is reflected in the popularity award focused. If bonsang are a lot of rough and sexual embellish this group can come up with a popular vote results are important variables showdown.

Given voters have the opportunity to apply for the event, which is provided by the Golden Disk Awards and All-Star invitation merchandise.

14 to 15 January 2015 Anniversity be held in Beijing, China CITIC complete Suda (formerly Wu keosong gym) ‘29th Golden Disk Awards’ is through the dot-com China’s largest video sharing site ahyichiyi (www.iqiyi.com) China and live in a global, recording will be broadcast on national through JTBC. Is expected to pass through the thalamus, as well as China’s heartland, called The Future of Korean Wave “Each agency leading artists unfolds in a colorful show. In addition, the feast of the focuses of the music unfolds over the ground, not only a beloved singer talented underground musicians truly attracted to hug all of the public broadcasting activities in accordance with the “Golden traditions.

태민이 골든디스크 음반 부문 인기투표에서 저력을 과시하고 있다.

제 29회 골든디스크 시상식 사전 인기투표가 한창인 가운데 17일 오전 11시 현재 엑소의 ‘중독’과 슈퍼주니어의 ‘마마시타’가 음반 부문 누적순위 1·2위를 달리고 있다. 총 8만9219표를 얻은 엑소는 19.18%의 득표율로 선두를 지키고 있지만 7만7271표의 (16.61%) 슈퍼주니어의 추격도 만만치 않다.

이 가운데 3위를 달리고 있는 태민의 ‘고독한 질주’가 이목을 집중시키고 있다. 지난 8월 발매된 태민의 앨범 ‘에이스’는 총 5만1476표를 얻었다. 1·2위의 기록과는 다소 차이가 보이지만 ‘에이스’가 태민이 샤이니에서 벗어나 발표한 첫 솔로 앨범을 임을 감안할 때 주목할 만한 선전이다.

인기투표는 10일 0시부터 시작돼 음반·디지털 음원·신인상 부문 3개로 나누어 진행 중이며 오직 골든디스크 공식 어플리케이션(앱스토어에 ‘골든디스크’ 검색)을 통해서만 가능하다. 무엇보다 투표결과는 인기상에 70%, 본상에도 20% 반영될 예정이어서 K-POP 팬들의 이목이 집중되고 있는 상황. 본상은 엇비슷한 성적을 낸 그룹이 많을 경우 인기투표 결과가 막판 중요한 변수로 떠오를 수 있다.

투표자들에게는 골든디스크 시상식 초대권과 인기스타 굿즈가 제공되는 이벤트에 응모할 수 있는 기회가 주어진다.

2015년 1월 14~15일 양일간 중국 베이징 완스다 중신(구 우커송체육관)에서 치러지는 ‘제 29회 골든디스크 시상식’은 중국 최대의 동영상 공유사이트 아이치이닷컴(www.iqiyi.com)을 통해 중국 전역에 생중계되며, JTBC를 통해 국내에 녹화 방송된다. 시상뿐 아니라 각 소속사 최고의 아티스트들이 펼치는 다채로운 공연으로 ‘한류의 미래’라고 불리는 중국의 심장부를 관통할 전망이다. 또한 ‘골든의 전통’에 따라 방송 활동을 위주로 하는 오버그라운드 가수 뿐 아닌 대중들에게 사랑받는 언더그라운드 실력파 뮤지션들까지 모두 끌어안아 진정한 의미의 음악 향연이 펼쳐진다.

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TOEI is coming for your faves

So the first official poster of the new Digimon Adventure series has been released and it looks really bad


It’s like Crystal all over again.

Digimon fandom you can join the (sensible part of the) Crystal fandom, we’ve already been through this.


TOEI ruining your childhood memories one anime at a time.