Trying out something new for you guys with the house backgrounds I made, using my love of both Harry Potter and Taylor Swift. What do you think? I have plenty more Taylor Swift lyrics if you want me to make more ;). Any other ideas about what to use the house backgrounds for are welcome as well.  -Kerrie 

I’m not a Slytherin, but

Slytherins are not cold by default
Slytherins are not impassive by default
Slytherins are not evil by default
Slytherins are not selfish by default
Slytherins are not bullies by default

Slytherins CAN be evil
But so can Gryffindors
Slytherins CAN be impassive
But so can Ravenclaws
Slytherins CAN be selfish
But so can Hufflepuffs

NOW SHUSH CHILDREN, and think of the houses for their canon traits (“brave” “ambitious” “hard-working” “witty”) NOT how you think them to be (“heros” “bullies” “mary-sues” “nerds”).

Thank you and bye

On Slytherins and men

When a person gets on Pottermore Slytherin the most common answer is believed to be ‘aw shoot, man I wanted to be something…else. I’M NOT EVIL’ (or so we taught ourselves to believe since we don’t anymore how the matters may have changed).

Ofc that person will come probably around here perhaps in an attempt to see how ridiculous the idea is, to get a better image of their house, curiosity….or anything else really. And they’ll see ‘SLYTHERINS AREN’T EVIL’ or ‘WE ARE GOOD TOO. WE HAVE FEELINGS TOO. SLYTHERIN PROTECTING ONE ANOTHER’ and slowly they’ll ease up into the idea of ‘Slytherin can be good too’. But then what?

We are inflicting on us willingly judgement. We are inflicting the perception of other houses on us willingly. We say that we would care for each other inside,a s a community as the wolves wait behind the wall of our Common Room, and yet we are haunted by our ideas even on the inside. We are not supporting Slytherins. We are not giving it all to idea of being Slytherin, uncuffed, unchained, in it’s ruthless intelligence and ambition, manipulation and brutal humour, independence, strong emotion hidden behind a façade of carelessness. We are just saying we should not be bad. That some of us aren’t bad. Does that imply that most of us are? Does that mean there may be some lost exceptions? We are prolonging our own stigma through our own mentality. We have been put so long on defence we had forgotten that it is ok to have our real identity. We try so hard to separate from the canon image, which never was of us anyway, so badly we start from the beginning with the idea there is something in reality to defend. You want to give me something? Give me Slytherins that are not ashamed of their action, that follow their own moral code and know when they had crossed a line, AND KNOW if they wanted to cross it from the beginning.

Give me a tag of support and depth analysis of the most complex house in Hogwarts that doesn’t whine or mewl at being considered bad, and actually act up to their names and form an inside community. Because if we had our structure built tightly, when we did support each other, when we exchanged canons, when independent assertive Slytherins fought for each other in their tag, discussing their Slytherins (as we have one of the most populated tags really) we would give a damn about what they say about us. As we do wish in headcanons. 

Give me Slytherins that don’ limit their perception of themselves and their house based on stereotypes.

Give me Slytherins that see the shades of grey of their thoughts and understand that lies, manipulation, shrewdness, conservation, ambition don’t make a person bad.

Give me Slytherins without the morals and perception of Gryffindors, as we tend to go with the canon books.

Give me Slytherins that when a new person comes and needs to assure themselves they are indeed one they’ll see a list of motives, thoughts, patterns and thinking from which they will say ‘hey that’s me’. An easing into our world where we aren’t dwelling into absolutes because if we did the world could not be ready for us.

We could be so much more, yet we limit ourselves so little. Forget defensive. Forget the others. Forget being assertive because that won’t work wither. They made their mind. We have just to make ours. We have to chose to be Slytherins, to give some power to our name, without being arrogant. They want us humble and on a defensive since if we were not constantly trying to prove anything they would be frightened by us. They will call us arrogant and deceitful. So let’s forget about anyone’s perception as you cannot understand a Slytherin if you are not one. Just let’s be us.


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