Handmade HP Letterman hoodies! Each handmade, custom-sized hoodie comes with a choice of lettering in Quidditch, Potions, Defense Against the Dark Arts, or Charms, as well as a custom choice of “graduating year”. Default year will be ‘97, the year the series started =3

Available at www.RaritysBoutique.etsy.com starting January 30th at 12am CST!! Only 25 commission slots will be available each month! For more info, please follow our Facebook page!


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Each house being fired from their dream job?




Why? What happened? I don’t understand. 


People should stir clear of us until the most volatile emotions have passed, though chances are we will hold ourselves up somewhere private as we don’t like others seeing us in such an emotional and weak state.


THE HEDONIST || Whether it be with a charming smile or challenging smirk, The Hedonist will win you and he will break your heart—for sport, out of boredom, on a bet, one can never be too sure with him. To the man with a fallen angel on one shoulder, and a sweet-talking devil on the next, everything in life is a game, and it is a game that he loves to play. So, when a problem or two arises? He’ll happily throw the appropriate sum of money at it and move on to his next fancy.

( listen. )