Do not fear being alone. We are all alone in this life, and yet we never truly are. We are born alone, we die alone, and we dance together in aloneness amongst existence as a whole. We are already complete, overflowing with unity.. So try not to get caught up in the personal idea of (the desire for) relationships and love because in that you forget the substance of love on a cosmic level.. and you ARE the cosmos; it is essential that you recognize the interconnectedness and inter-being of all things. Fill yourself with the love of the whole. Fill yourself with love and compassion for your Self. Be love, and love will never leave you. Let your fulfillment come from the revelation of what you really are and what it means to exist. It’s like, if a single atom were missing from the cosmos, the whole of creation would feel and mourn its loss. This is how significant all things are, sweetheart. This is what unconditional love is. I think life is not giving you what you want because you are looking outwardly for what you should find inwardly. Discover the true source of love within. Use this time ‘alone’ to learn yourself, to know yourself, to accept and embrace and love yourself. Let go of your desires about how things ought to be because then you cannot see things simply as they are. Surrender to the flow and learn the truth of what I mean when I say there exists no boundaries between things.

stellar-blue asked:

I had a dream earlier and we were sitting opposite each other and you were holding my hands, and yours were warm and mine were cold and you were comforting me because I was sad.. and then I leaned forward and kissed your third eye.

aw mamma <3 so happy to be travelling through your dreams. may it realized in flesh soon! i love you so

Most people are really cringe, and think the internet is important, and that knowing who someone is on the internet is the same as being ‘famous’… but this girl is sweet, and she seems interesting. She isn’t one of those girls that posts naked pictures of herself and nothing else, then wonders why nobody credits her as having an amazing mind