Did you stab me?

The blood is pouring out of the gouge mark in his neck in a quick slurry, and if he was mortal he’d be more than concerned, but he isn’t. Hidan will live through it, and because of that all he can focus on is the pain. It isn’t so bad at first, a similar feeling to a really deep paper cut, but then it’s gnawing and all his nerve endings scream in protest at something very very wrong, never recognizing his inability to die. If he wasn’t so used to it, he’d scream and scream and never stop, but this is almost normal, and (sadly) not the worse pain he’s experienced. 

Instead his hand is tight around his throat in a weak ass attempt to stop the loss of blood, and all he can do is shout and stare, speech greatly slurred.

Why did you stab me? Why the fuck would you stab me? In the throat too—

why would you do that?” He ends in a elongated whine, sounding much like a child that didn’t get their way than a man who should’ve been dying. 

Things I didn't know until now: Gary Oldman is an asshole

In this article (Playboy, so NSFW, and trigger warnings for hate speech), Harry Potter and The Dark Knight Trilogy star Gary Oldman:

  • defends Mel Gibson’s anti-semitic rants
  • calls Hollywood “a town that’s run by Jews”
  • questions not being able to drop the ethnic slurs
  • calls Nancy Pelosi a sexist slur
  • actually, complains about why he can’t, but does it anyway
  • also complains about not being about to use homophobic epithets

"On Thursday May 23, The Institute of Politics hosted a seminar with Dan Savage, a gay advice columnist who has a history of making numerous misogynstic, biphobic, transphobic, and racist comments. The seminar was moderated by current IOP fellow Ana Marie Cox, a blogger for The Gaurdian. Throughout the conversation both Savage and Cox used a transphobic slur repeatedly, supposedly in the context of explaining why the word was “problematic”. When this first started to occur, a trans student repeatedly asked them not to use the slur and tried to explain why it was offensive. Cox and Savage then proceeded to argue with the student, saying they had a right to use the word. Afterwards, Savage continued to use the slur despite knowing it was making students feel unsafe and both Cox and the IOP staff did nothing to stop him. This action upset the student to the point that they had to leave the room in a state of distress.

The usage of this slur constitutes hate speech, which is frankly unacceptable. There is a difference between respecting open discourse and permitting hate speech—a distinction that the IOP does not seem to understand. Both Ana Marie Cox, as the moderator, and the IOP staff have a responsibility to stop hate speech in order to maintain a safe and accessible space for students where respectful open discourse can actually occur. They failed to do this. The IOP proudly asserts its commitment to diversity, inclusion, and civil discourse. In order to stay true to these values, we demand that the IOP publicly apologize for failing to stop the use of the transphobic slur during the seminar and assert a commitment to preventing the use of slurs and hate speech in the future.”

Hey all!! Please please sign/ reblog/signal boost this! This is regarding a really gross and transphobic incident that happened at my university, and it is crucial for this petition to get as many signatures as possible in order to hold the people in power accountable, ensure this doesn’t happen again, and make Uchicago a safer place for trans (and other LGBTQ) students!

Internalized ableism is a thing. One of the people who engaged me on twitter argued that I must be wrong in suggesting words like “idiot” and “moron” are ableist because he didn’t find them offensive and he has an ADHD/Asperger’s diagnosis. He subsequently went on to call me a “fucking lunatic” which, given I am one and have no problem with that, probably didn’t cause the level of offence he intended.

this is a great guide and a good resource to share with anyone who continues to use ableist language, especially things like “crazy” or “idiotic,” which people don’t always realize are ableist.

Facebook Won’t Let Faggots Say “Faggot”

In the last two months, Facebook has blocked me from posting at least three times. I wasn’t banned for using racial epithets or putting up graphic porn—anonymous administrators kicked me off the world’s most popular social media site because I said “faggot.”

I don’t remember how many times I’ve been blocked—I am a well-documented faggot, and I occasionally jokingly refer to myself or my gay friends as faggots, the same way some blacks use the N-word and gay activists used queer in the early 90s. At the end of April, I called my friend Gabriel a fag in the comments section of a link I had posted and he liked my comment. We do that sort of thing all the time, but within a few hours, Facebook blocked me from posting for seven days.

I can understand why Facebook would block a heterosexual who said faggot—at Catholic school, straight boys used the word to make fun of me on the playground nearly every day—but Gabriel and I always use the homophobic slur in a joking or prideful way, robbing it of its harmful meaning. The first time I got banned for using the term, I assumed some sort of hate speech–detecting algorithm had mistaken me for a hetero, but then I remembered Facebook regularly shows me HIV ads targeted at gay men. Zuckerberg and company know my sexual preference—I even say I like boys on my profile.

After I got banned that time, I decided to find out how Facebook decides who gets blocked for saying faggot. The social network’s terms page is vague about this topic: You can’t “bully, intimidate, or harass” anyone or post “hate speech.” 



This is Christopher Cole from Jacksonville Florida.

Christopher thinks that it’s appropriate to leave comments full of anti-gay and anti-woman hate speech on people’s pages. He thinks it’s all fun and games. Well his comments came across the wrooooong set of eyes because I don’t tolerate hate speech. 

Let’s put Christopher Cole on blast so any of his future employers can know just what kind of individual they would be dealing with. Make sure to tag his full name in your reblogs and to tag any blog that specializes in shaming homophobes and mysoginists as well! Have fun!

The internet is forever, kiddies. Watch what you say.

lookatthisfuckingoppressor riotgrrrlproblems wocinsolidarity misandry-mermaid and any other blog that shames oppressors. 


i still can’t believe this video exists

I will never understand people who KNOW that “Gypsy” is a slur but still demand to be able to use it. They argue “oh, well language evolves so it’s ok”. No. it’s not. This goes for ANY slur.

When it comes to words that STILL actively get people killed, I don’t really think arguments over semantics are appropriate. I think people ought to actually listen to oppressed groups and not stubbornly cling to their imagined right to use hurtful words. Sure, you CAN use them, in the sense that you CAN chop off someone’s hand. But you SHOULDN’T do either of those things.

Although, as my history professor said, “Power and privilege don’t operate on ‘should’; they operate on ‘can’.”

“That’s So Andrew!” Would You Replace the “R-word” With My Brother’s Name?

There are those who argue that eliminating slurs from speech are an unnecessary byproduct of living in a society that is too sensitive, as Ann Coulter does. There seems to be this lingering attitude that free speech means being able to use words like an indiscriminate wrecking ball. They don’t care about the history of the slur, or the mistreatment that has been aimed at the group that it is used against.

Let’s be real. Even when you think you’re casually dropping the R-word, when you maintain that you’re not harming anyone, remember that you’re actually contributing to a culture that has and continues to dehumanize others. It does not matter whether you’re saying it without hurtful intent; once you give yourself permission to use the R-word, you are effectively stripping an entire group of people of their humanity.

If you’re still on the fence about words, and thinking, “Yeah, okay, big deal. It’s a word. Get over it,” I want you to seriously contemplate whether you would approach me and replace the R-word with: “That’s so Andrew!”

Would you?

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Holy crap...

I just realized that if I do have myasthenia gravis, it might explain a lot of things.  Including…

When I was 19, I started having this problem where I’d get really weak sometimes I’d fall, lots of other things.  But the thing I’m remembering that I never connected to it at all.  Was that my speech would get so slurred that it was impossible for even close friends to understand it.  One of my friends said it was like I got “instant cerebral palsy” or something, from the way I sounded.  It was very severe.

And now that I don’t speak at all (for reasons unrelated to MG), I don’t notice whether my speech is going to be slurred or not.  So I totally forgot that was a symptom.  But for a couple years when I was still speaking part-time, I’d sometimes end up with speech so incomprehensible that friends would tell me to use my keyboard even when I could technically talk, because the keyboard voice was more understandable than my voice.  (Which given that it was old-school DECTalk, is saying something.)

I wish I remembered to tell my neurologist this stuff.  There’s other stuff I know I told my case manager to put on the list to tell him, that didn’t make it onto the list.  Like the right-sided drooling.  And the way my head tilts to one side.  And other stuff.

Due to some of the vile shit being spouted by certain high-profile media brand cofounders, and the steady torrent of ignorance and bullshit being perpetrated by empty-skulled administrators, let’s review.


1) when describing a specific automobile problem I.e. “That tranny is busted.”

2) when speaking ill of Neil Young’s failed 1982 album-length experiment in electronic music: "Trans is awful and anyone who thinks otherwise is insane."

3) when reminiscing with your college friend about your failed startup idea from the early 00’s that was meant to compete with Yahoo and AOL’s messaging platforms but from a uniquely female perspective; "SheMail was a failed experiment from the beginning. It just felt affected and weird."

4) when, as a television executive, you are admitting that the pilot episode of the buddy cop show which is about a seasoned detective teamed up with a baby bird may not make the cut; "Chick With A Dick is gonna have to go."

5) When trying to support a particular member of the Addams family about a new self-imposed depilatory program; "It hasn’t removed enough body hair, It really isn’t even trying."

6) When, in the inevitable misandrist utopia, men are ground up as an ingredient in paint and someone uses said paint to signify, by means of daubing a set of symbols on their lintel, where on a particular road their dwelling is located: "That is a man-in address right there."

7) Literally nowhere else.