slumberinghearts replied to your post: I’m finished.

bb, you know I’m always around if you need someone to talk to <3 ily, gurl.

I know, and that really helps, too. I’m okay now, though. I have this immense fear of being a disappointment to the people that I love. I think I’ll be okay for tonight. I love you too, lots and lots. :3

presidentknope asked:

SOPHIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. I AM SO DRUNK WHAT IS UP MAAN. asldjfjakfdf. someone stole my beer I am so angry I wll put a curse on the person that stole my beer. I am not shitting you rn. I will put a curseo n them. srsly. ps. I love you and oyu are the greatest human being.


presidentknope asked:

SOPHIE BB. HOW ARE YOOOOU? Sorry I haven't talked to you in ages, fucking college took away legit all of my freetime asjdfhaskjdfskadf.

AHH SONJA BB. I’M GREAT. BUT IT’S OKAY, just don’t leave me again eughertuerh


slumberinghearts replied to your postI don’t know how photo replies work.

It depends if the person has photo replies switched on or not, if so then there should be a little camera icon wedged in between the reply and reblog button, I think. You just click and upload and huzzzaaaah :D

I did that but it landed on the wrong post idek what is going on I am so confused. Might be my theme fucking things up but I don’t even know anymore.