covening said:

✌: share 5 things that you really want ♡: share 5 favourite songs

things i really want

  1. for next friday to come!
  2. to get to england already
  3. to get to finland already
  4. download
  5. pizza

5 favourite songs

off the top of my head

  1. porcupine tree - trains
  2. porcupine tree - Lazarus
  3. opeth -  Death Whispered A Lullaby
  4. tool - Lateralus
  5. dream theater - Wait for Sleep

thanks for asking!


sludgie replied to your post: So our final grade in College comes from a group project. We have to create a magazine, including all the written content. The two groups are being merged now, which means our group (Who have people who like rock music; not necessarily metal, but rock all the same) will have pretty much no say in what’s being put into it. That being said, the group of us writing the music section have all agreed to write horrible scathing reviews and features about pop music, because they want us to write about it.I’ll try and be fair, but I’m not going to make it out to be the best thing ever. They never specified it had to be positive. This means I’m having to download a load of pop albums. Any suggestions on who we should destroy? :L

Carly. Rae. Jepsen. She is the cancer of music

Oh dear god yes. I don’t think I could possibly agree with you any more than I do right now. :L

Road Hazards

Bumblebee was a lightweight, nimble, and naturally inquisitive bot. For him, scrambling over, under, and through the rubble heaps that were Cybertron was an enjoyable way to spend his working life. Some of his comrades didn’t find it nearly as appealing. Slipping down a pile of debris to find yourself sitting in a sludgy soup of tainted lubricant, hungry circuit mites, and long-dead body parts just wasn’t an experience that ever became less than ghoulish.

All Autobots, however, followed the orders of Optimus Prime. You could argue with him, unless you were in the middle of a fight, but when he said go, you went, circuit mites or no circuit mites.

So it was that Ironhide found himself trying to dig himself out of waist-deep small scrap after a rusted-out bridge had collapsed under him, dumping him unceremoniously into the small pieces of things living and dead that had accumulated in what was, ages ago, a transport canal. Bumblebee, perched on what remained of the bridge support on the far side, was clearly trying to decide what to do to help his fellow Autobot free himself without calling their commander for a brute-force solution.

Driven to the Swamp Sou/MerMako P.3

 Makoto didn’t give into detail, he said something along the line’s of he was with his friend Haru, when all of a sudden it started raining heavily from above and thunder roared in the air, and the water started rapidly moving in large wave,s separating the two friend’s. Makoto remember’s he was found by another person, but when he woke back up he was having trouble breathing in that sludgy green water. 

 ”Haru? Who’s that.” Sousuke asked, taking a drink of tea. It was like the mention of this person’s name brought Makoto happiness, the smile erupting on his face when the name was mentioned was enough to make Sousuke glance away at the fact he could have almost been dropped in awe. 

 ”My friend!” Makoto seemed enthusiastic, cheek’s pink with excitement and hair sticking up in different direction’s due to him throwing his hand’s above his head, touching his hair slightly as they rocketed upward’s and causing it to stand on end for a few moments before weighing back down due to the water in it. 

 ”Uh- what’s he like.” Sousuke mumbled, not exactly sure what to ask the merman, he’d never spoken to anything but a human that could actually speak back, and this was kind of new to him, not saying he didn’t like it. 

 Makoto went on and on, about how quiet Haru can be at some time’s and about how much he loved swimming in the water, most of the time Haru was found off by himself just swimming circles and tumbling himself forward in the water. Though Makoto noticed whenever he was alone and made it so he wasn’t. 

 He also said that he’s known Haruka for about as long as he can remember, and when finishing explaining who Haru was he seemed kind of upset. 

 ”Your home’s in the ocean right? I can just dump you at any random spot and you’d know your way back?” Sousuke asked as Makoto nodded, though he didn’t exactly liked the term Sousuke used. 

 ”Do you have a friend too?” Makoto asked, the smile reappearing as he put his arm’s over the edge of the pool, resting his chin on them and swishing his tail behind him.

 ”Yea, I do.” He responded, Sousuke had a lot of friend’s, though he knew Rin the longest. 

 ”What’s that?” Makoto’s attention turned to the kitten who was sitting on the fence, licking at it’s paw’s and chasing around a fly every now and then on the fence without falling. Makoto fought the urge to ask about it, but after it made that adorable little squeak he just couldn’t hold the question anymore and it came flying out.

 ”A cat.”

 ”A cat?” Makoto repeated, eyes large and filed with curiosity, to the irony but this curiosity won’t actually kill him.

Makoto made a clicking sound with his tongue, to which the kitten responded to by looking over and hopping off the fence. 

 ”Here.” Sousuke mumbled, handing Makoto a blade of grass.

 ”What do I do with it?” Makoto asked, voice still quiet even though he has decided to speak to Sousuke now. 

 ”Just wave it around or something.” Sousuke replied, watching as Makoto did just as said, and the kitten’s eyes snapped to the circling blade of grass and on instinct started jumping and meowing for it. 

 Makoto’s lip’s where parted in awe, pink dusted his cheek’s and his eyes seemed to sparkle with amusement at the cute black kitten who only jumped higher each time. 

 Sousuke just stared at the merman, trying to figure out why he was getting so worked up over a kitten. At first he was confused by didn’t even notice when he had incoherently mumbled the word ‘cute’.  

[Shadowrun 5] Shadow Spells E-book


The Universe of Magic

Magic cannot be contained or easily defined. It can barely be controlled. It is large, omnipresent, and multi-faceted. It contains multitudes. 

A few of those multitudes are in this book, such as Pierre Dubois, media personality and Psionist researcher; a band of fortune seekers known as Treasure Hunters, Inc.; strange crystalline entities who may be forming a dangerous alliance; a spell to turn an unfortunate victim’s blood into a sludgy mess; and an adept power that temporarily blanks out memory, making an individual immune to interrogation.

These and more are here—spells, adept powers, rituals, and a host of magical knowledge. It may be a single meter would compared to the nigh-infinite length of the full scroll of magical knowledge, but as any shadowrunner can tell you, in a pinch a meter can make all the difference in the world.

Shadow Spells is for use with Shadowrun, Fifth Edition.

Available for purchase: