Downward facing dog.

Decided to take some photos during yoga this morning… my form isn’t great on this one as it was one of the first and I’m still a bit stiff. I need to relax my shoulders more, and once my hamstrings are stretched out a bit more, I can get my feet flat. But then my damn camera battery died (there was a lot of faffing about trying to position the camera & timer before this!) so there aren’t any more. Tomorrow perhaps, when the batteries are recharged.

So I’m loving my outfit today! I like how these coloured skinny jeans look - smart enough to wear to the hospital! And the striped top underneath my blazer looks better than it is; a Primark bargain at £8!
But then, anything looks good teamed with my Daniela Besso blazer and proper leather brogues.

Need to find a better way of taking photos though. Also please excuse my lack of make-up and facial expression. In fact, if you could just forget I have a head, that would be great. ;)


1. The view from the bus stop opposite the hospital placement. Awesome, no? It’s a boating lake on the edge of Epping Forest.

2. I dyed my hair! This is my serious hair. Honestly, people take me more seriously and treat me differently with dark hair compared to blonde (I’m naturally dark blonde but have been dying it lighter for years). I always liked it dark and have been meaning to change it back for ages, not least so it matches my tumblr user pic!

3. Om nom nom. Tasty prawn & smoked salmon salad that I had for lunch the other day.


I never dreamed I’d get asked enough questions to ever have to make one of these, but I’ve received a bunch of very similar things in my inbox lately so I decided it was time.

If you’re thinking of asking something, check my F.A.Q. or my 'answered asks tag' to see if I’ve already answered your question. It includes subjects like the 30 Day Shred, fitblr, medical school, and setlock.

Thank you muchly!

The obligatory pink and sweaty post-run photo! I’m so pleased with myself… I only did 2 miles (10:44 average pace) but I did the first mile without stopping to walk, which is progress for me :)

I just want to take a moment to thank all my followers for helping me on my journey so far - in particular those who’ve messaged/commented lately. You guys are the absolute sweetest, and I’m so blessed to have found the fitblr community! <3 So much love for you all.

And now.. to bed!

(Except I’m so full of endorphins right now, I can’t imagine I’ll fall asleep!)

30 Day Fitblr Challenge

Starting Weight/Measurements + Brief Introduction with a picture!

Starting weight, April 2012: 167.6 lbs 

The closest I have to current measurements are ones taken last September, when I was approximately the same weight (weird decimals because I converted from centimeters to inches). I don’t think my muscle/fat percentages have changed much since then now I’ve gained back to the same weight.

Waist, Sept 2011: 34.25 inches

Hips, Sept 2011: 44.49 inches

Butt, Sept 2011: 42.91 inches

Upper arm, Sept 2011: 12.99 inches

Thigh, Sept 2011: 24.40 inches

Bust, Sept 2011: 40.55 inches

And below is the most recent photo of my whole body… it doesn’t really show my size and shape very well though. Since I gained weight last year I’ve literally been avoiding all cameras. The photo was taken in February when I went ice-skating with my best friend, his sister and her son (he’d just turned 3, which explains the penguins!).