If I took a screenshot of the folder that contains all my photography apps, this is exactly what it looks like. These are all my tools for iPhoneography and my Instagram. 

Left to right, top to bottom:

Snapseed: Best all around app. You could use this app alone and be straight.

PhotoForge2: If you’re just starting out in photography, this app is not for you. Also, this app has the best straightening tool out there. 

VSCO CAM: This has been my main app as of recently but has always been in my arsenal since it came out. The filters on here are smooth but strong. It’s exposure tool is the best way to brighten or darken a photo on an iPhone. Using the ‘brightness’ tool on any other app is just doing it wrong, in my opinion. 

Picfx: What can I say… its filter heaven. #filtersonfiltersonfilters

CrossProcess: This app killed it for me for so long but I just don’t use it that much anymore. If you’re going to use it, make sure all of your settings are turned off except, full size images and basic. All the other colors and ‘extreme’ should be turned off to get the best result.

Afterlight: You just have to play with this app. Overall great.

SlowShutter: You’re going to need a tripod mount for your iPhone for this app but its worth it. You can get real creative with this app.

AvgCamPro: Just like slowshutter but different. Instead of capturing a long exposure like slow shutter, this app captures a certain amount of images in a certain amount of time (that you decide) and then composes them all together to create one image. You’re also going to need a tripod mount for this one but the result is still definitely worth the trouble.  

Squaready Pro: This is my shit! I use this to make sure all my images stay in whatever size format I want and that they are all perfectly centered. (DONT EVER USE THE FUNCTION TO EXPORT TO INSTAGRAM ON ANY APP! IT DOWNGRADES THE QUALITY. SAVE TO YOUR PHOTO ALBUM FIRST!) 

Blender: Definitely one of my favorite apps for the iPhone. I wouldn’t have been able to do my faceless portraits without it.

Retouch: Sometimes there’s just a piece of garbage on the floor thats ruining the whole scene of the photo so I’ll use this app to get rid of it from the picture.  

PS Touch: Great all around graphic app. If you don’t have this in your bank, you should have Art Studio. Both are basically the same shit. I rarely use this app for anything unless I’m doing faceless portraits.