Human brain inspires computer memory

How is it possible to create computer memory that is both faster and consumes less energy? Researchers at the Institut d'électronique fondamentale (CNRS/Université Paris-Sud) and CEA-List have unlocked the physical mechanisms involved in new-generation magnetic memory, and have shown that these mechanisms could be used as “synapses” in a new type of neuro-inspired system, able to learn how to store and retrieve information. Their work was published online in the journal IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Circuits
and Systems
on April 15, 2015.

Today there are two main categories of computer memory, without which our computers would not be able to store and retrieve information. Volatile memory can process a large amount of data in a short period of time, but it is dependent on continuous electrical power to retain the information it has recorded. On the contrary, non-volatile memory, such as USB keys or CDs, are not dependent on a source of electricity, but they are much slower. An alternative is being developed: magnetic memory (STT-MRAM), which combines processing speed and energy independence, and stores information as a magnetic orientation rather than as an electric charge.

One of the main problems of this new technology is its high energy cost. To program magnetic tunnel junctions (MTJ), the basic nanocomponents of magnetic memory, electrical voltage is applied to their terminals. If the switching time is not sufficient, the programming can be incorrect, with a degree of randomness that depends on the duration of the programming pulse. This is referred to as probabilistic programming.  
For more conventional memory uses, which on the contrary require programming that excludes randomness, MTJ switching time must be extended in order to ensure sufficiently reliable programming. However, this programming strategy results in substantial energy consumption.

The researchers showed that the probabilistic programming of MTJs can become an advantage. They were actually the first to use MTJs as “synapses” (connections) of a system whose functioning is inspired by the human brain, in that it consumes very little energy, while being able to process very large amounts of data. Probabilistic programming is thus a way for the system to learn a function after a number of repetitions. Like synapses in the human brain, the more the MTJs are called upon, the higher the chance that the information will be recorded. The simulations performed by the researchers show that, unlike existing memory systems, theirs can efficiently — i.e. quickly while using little energy — resolve cognitive tasks such as image or video analysis.  
The scientists can now take up a new challenge by developing the first prototype of this neuro-inspired computer memory system.


Since I used the scanner today (my parents asked me for something lol)… might as well scan some sketches!

So these are the sketches for my posted comics here ahaha. Includes Natsu can sing, Soulmate heterochromia AU and Angst week bonus prompt: Ever after. (You could click on the pictures to see the description!)

Yeah, this is how I do my comics. Most of the time, I sketch on paper first then draw digitally. But I don’t really have to follow the sketch haha (Well you could see that here hahaha only the END and the Ever after is similar to the final one lol)

Blake was in a ball shivering. The room was cold and Eric never came back that night which he was greatful for. But he hadn’t eaten in days which made the bruises and tearing heal slower. Blake wanted to sneak out but now he was on a collar attached to the head board. He groaned and closed his eyes trying to get out of it. He already broke his ankle trying to get free but he can’t breaks his neck. He needed to get out. It was driving him crazy. Blake started to desperately pulling on the chains despite the burning he felt on his skin from the silver. The boy started screaming and bared his fangs. Eric laughed hearing the boy and continued down the stairs to greet his guest. He opened the for and moved to the side. He watched as the new line of humans moved in. His eyes scanned the group and smiled. He was hungry and ready to feed. He had them all line in the dinning hall. He waved for one of the servants to get Blake. Blake hissed when the servant entered the room. She bowed to Blake letting him know that she meant no harm. He calmed down and relaxed. She started to clean the boy up, she washed him the best she could without moving him and unlatched the chain. She dressed him in a toga and brushed his hair.  She helped Blake stand and handed the chain over to one of the other main vampires in the castle. They walked Blake down stairs and made him stand in front of the humans. “Pick one.” Eric said moving over  to Blake. Blake scanned the room and his eyes locked on one. He stared back at him which is what got Blakes attention.


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hi! can you write a fic where Caitlin gets blasted by captain cold's gun and will eveentually turn into killer frost?

Part 1:

Time seems to move in slow motion for Caitlin. It’s as if she’s Barry–running so fast that the world moves slower and nearly fades from view around her. Her vision tunnels onto him as she knows exactly what she has to do.

The blast hits her squarely in the chest, so powerful that it sends her flying and so cold that it seems to burn. She would scream if she could, but she can’t seem to find her breath. She hears someone yelling her name and someone else laughing, but she can’t even distinguish voices anymore. The only thing she can feel is the pain in her chest as someone gingerly picks her up off the ground. It hurts–oh God it hurts. The burning in her chest seems to be spreading all across her body, a roaring, freezing fire that threatens to consume her all together.

She doesn’t regret it–not one bit. She knows very well that if she hadn’t, Barry would have been hit by that blast from Snart’s gun, and she would never, never forgive herself if he got hurt when she could have stopped it.

She hears his voice, talking to her, pleading with her, saying her name over and over again, but her voice doesn’t seem to want to work. She can only lie motionless in Barry’s arms as the frost from Snart’s gun slowly spreads across her body.


“C–Cait, come on! Caitlin, just give me a sign that you’re awake!” Barry’s choking back sobs now as he pulls Caitlin’s motionless, cold body closer to his chest. “Cait…” he tries again. He takes her hand in one of his. “Please, please wake up, Caitlin. I need you to wake up for me. You can’t go now. I need you,” He can feel her heartbeat against his own chest–fluttering weakly, as if it were working too hard. Her body is so frozen that it nearly hurts just to touch her.

He leans forward, pressing her icy forehead to his, his hands behind her neck. “Cait. Cait, please wake up. Wake up for me.”

She doesn’t respond–he knew she wouldn’t.

“Bar?” Joe’s voice speaks from behind him, and his hand comes to rest on Barry’s shoulder. Barry ignores him, keeping all his focus on the small, broken girl in his arms. His hot tears splash onto her cold cheeks and he wonders vaguely if that could help warm her up. He feels Joe groping around for Caitlin’s wrist before looking for a pulse.

“Barry…” Joe’s strong arm comes around his shoulder, “She’s gone, Bar. She’s gone.”

“No, she’s not,” Barry snaps back. Caitlin couldn’t be dead. She wasn’t. She wouldn’t die on him. Not now, when he needed her most.

“There’s no pulse, Bar. There’s nothing you can do…”

He won’t believe it. There’ s no way Barry can believe that Caitlin Snow is dead. “We–we’ll take her back to STAR Labs!” he tries desperately.

Joe spreads his palms in a shrug, “And then what? The only person who could possible save Caitlin is…well, Caitlin.”

Barry can almost feel the lightbulb go off over his head, “Then we’ll get Caitlin. We’ll get her.”

Joe’s brow furrows as Barry rises, cradling her lifeless body in his arms. Barry looks at him, his face set, “I’m a time traveller, Joe. I can do this. I can get her back if we just…”

“No.” Joe shakes head, “Barry, you know how dangerous time travel can be! You could end up doing more harm than good, or–”

Barry’s suddenly angry at Joe. How dare he try to tell Barry what he should and shouldn’t do to save someone he loved. Barry knows very well that Joe would do anything so save the people he loved. “If it were me,” he spits, “If it were me or Iris that was…that was hurt” (he refuses to say the word dead. It sounds to final) “like this, wouldn’t you do anything that you could to save us?”

Joe hesitates, knowing the answer but not wanting to give it to him. “Wouldn’t you?” Barry demands again.

“Yes. Of course I’d do anything. I’d do anything to save the people I love, Barry, you know that.”

Barry looks down at Caitlin’s face, so smooth and perfect, as if she were just sleeping and he could wake her at any moment. “That’s why I have to save her. That’s why I have to try.”

My day started at two am when my phone lit up with, “wanna go for a drive?” These messages usually give me a bit of heart attack and result in me leaving the house in sweats, barely remembering to leave notes. One for the loves in my bed, the other for my parents.

I picked Lula up and we drove for more than 350 miles, around four major cities. We drove until her shoulders relaxed. Until her breathing became slower. Until she suddenly couldn’t breathe because of the tears, halfway in my seat instead of hers. 

As the sun began to rise I pulled off the road. We sat in an abandoned parking lot in front of a park for an hour. Lula fully in my seat, her crying was the only sound. When the tears stopped, we talked for a while. Figured things out. 

She was already acting happier, getting back to her old self.

And do you know how I know that? 

Because the entire fricken 350-whatever miles home she screamed off key to 90′s rock and punched me every single time she saw a dog, “SHABBY, LOOK AT THE PUPPY!!”

The reason for her needing one of our drives isn’t important. Life isn’t always easy on us. We’re lucky to have each other. I just wanted to share a story about my Lula, God love her. -Shay

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Natural enemy types to the INTJ and why?

Other INTJs and ENTJs because they are competition. Or their plans may conflict with yours.

A lot of INTJs hate ISTJs and ESTJs because they can get in the way of progress. Both types use Te but their Si can make them a lot slower to accept change. If you’re stuck working under them and they keep shooting down all your brilliant ideas it’s going to get old really fast. They are very data-driven though so I would support any arguments heavily with evidence, particularly with examples if you can find some. It might make it easier for them to accept that something has worked before, and thus can work again. Or get promoted above them until it’s no longer a problem.

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is there really any way to repower the brain upon its death? What does it run on?

the same thing all your body runs out: ATP.

Your brain gets ATP (which is how your body transforms energy) through sugar mainly. Your brain also need a shitton of oxygen. Or rather, it needs a more steady supply than the rest of your body.

Nerve cells are very sensitive to oxygen deprivation and it’s generally considered that after your oxygen runs out, you got about 3 minutes at body temperature to start breathing again before you start carrying away brain damage. Rule of thumb is ‘the longer the oxygen deprivation, the worse the damage’. Cooling the body can give you more time because a cold brain has a slower metabolism and therefore needs less oxygen. 

Female sperm swims slower than male sperm, but the males can’t swim for as long as the females. this means that a long penis will be closer to the egg when releasing the sperm, and there will be a higher chance for the child to be a boy. In conclusion, if you have a lot of sons you have a larger penis.

Ging happens to have a son.

Pariston is a happy camper  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

i’m sorry i’m sorry i’m sorry that i have no god in my gut

and that my mouth never held a prayer good enough to make your heart beat slower when you fall; the lack of faith is something i keep stored with my metaphors like half emptied coke cans and the way the sun breaks through the coloured glass of greenhouses almost holy in their fragile stance; and that no one taught me how to be more than band-aids and plastic ropes tying myself together, how to blow clouds into your chest, how to make you feel like the tallest of all;

i’m sorry i’m sorry i’m sorry that i became so small.

(and that i forgot how to be older in years while i kept running through pale-faced hospital floors, that i forgot to tell you how to swallow pills with apple juice and a smile to yourself when you’d rather start running about, that i forgot how to be the peace you’d need for these days; so i cross my fingers and hope that you’re more than just a war drum like me.)

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when you feel anxious, do you ever get a weird feeling in your head? like light/floaty/disassociated? it's hard for me to explain but i find it really scary.

Yeah, one of the common symptoms of anxiety is a feeling of unreality, like time is moving slower, or like you’re losing your vision, or like you’re floating outside of your skin. Anxiety mimics fear and shock and basically does what your brain would do if you were being chased by a tiger. Just without the tiger. Anxiety is the fight or flight response that we all have built in but usually don’t experience in daily life. It’s really really crappy but normal. Your best bet is to talk about it with other sufferers. Sometimes knowing how normal and common it is will make it go away on a moment to moment basis. Just tell yourself this will pass and millions of other people in the world are experiencing it too. <3

i’ve got this great animated visual of the JDDS yogthemes video

basically it consists of each yog the theme’s from shooing the previous one away and rocking out

honeydew and xephos jump in at the start. SOI and yoglabs and teekit fade in and out. they’re rocking out and adventuring to this, until 1:02 where sips and sjin jump in from behind, kick them off screen, pick up their falling in-mid-air guitar and drumsticks, and carry on the music

nanosounds swoops in with wings made of flux, the camera follows her and leaves those two nerds in the dust. she does aerial stunts and flies as fast as she possibly can, when the music gets slower she comes back down to earth and lalna, lomadia, etc are shown cheering her on

she lands, (creating one of he flux biomes we see on the server), but as the music changes, the reality becomes sickly, distorted. it starts to break apart. she looks around in confusion, only to be hit from behind with tnt, sips and sjin kick tf back in. no frills salsa plays, and the camera rockets through sipsco, through the alleyways of buildings and spirals around the skycraper

martyn comes in, as the sipsco compound is overgrown by ivy (ppffft canon), does a kickflip and laughs as the scene changes to a bright green. saplings pop up in his stride, following him. he jumps into aspects of the various games he’s played

sips falls in from the top of the screen, the camera follows him as he jumps away from martyn. he does some weird dancing. walk cycle, (earthbending?) and xephos and turps appear briefly. sips glides around various places from playthroughs

everyone joins for the main channel outro, (yogs that didn’t have a song in this as well) and are shown to have banter/friendly arguments as explosions and area 11 rocks out in the corner

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any tips on how to get back in shape for cross country? i've gained ten pounds since xc ended and i hate it. i'm also a lot slower and i get winded more easily now.

Start running again, slowly increase your mileage, lift some weights, do body-weight workouts, core work-outs, eat better (bur don’t be afraid to indulge). Commit to your upcoming season! get focused. 

smashing workouts (may the 4th be with you)

today we ran 6x600 at just a little slower than 800 pace (so we could survive and stay consistent) with 400 meter jog recovery and like I said I would, I beat every fricking person on my team every single time. the varsity girls weren’t running it bc of true team tomorrow but I guarantee I would have beat some of them too. I was consistently splitting the exact same thing every time
I was not originally disappointed Im not running tomorrow, and so I made it my goal to run faster than a 2:36 this Friday to get my spot back and beat one of the girls on the team- bc a 2:36 is a time a good 9 seconds slower than my fastest time and I can do it. then it remembered that this other girls on the 4x8, and I was like wait whaaaaat? her fastest split is 2:39. I’ve ran 2:37. shouldn’t it be black and white and based on times? and considering I think she’s also in the 3200it doesn’t seem right to me. her mom is a (pardon my language) asshat and cares too much about her daughters getting to run, and yeah they’re fast, but honestly the 800 is just not her event and she can run an 11:56 two mile. why on earth is she in the 4x8, when I can run faster? that doesn’t seem right to me. I can almost guarantee her mom said something. especially if she’s not in the two mile, I’m certain her mom forced my coach into throwing her in the 800 with some bullshit lie that since her two mile time has dropped, her 800 will too. but this is fricking true team and not the time to take chances. the 800 is not her event, she’s never raced good at it. so I’m a wee bit pissed. nothing I can do now, I’ll just whip her butt Friday.

hope everyone else crushed their workouts today!!!

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HC + Age (His actual age, what ages his brothers give him, how old he was when he eat his devil fruit... And all that stuff, please. :))

Send me HC + a word and I’ll write a headcanon about it regarding my character.

Marco’s actual age is unknown to pretty much all his brothers beside a few who have been lucky enough to get the phoenix to spill the beans. Some think that he is older than Pops himself, but that is only something they tell their newer brothers as a joke as Marco seemingly doesn’t age.

His body stopped aging when he had become an full grown adult, so it’s hard to figure out if he just age slower than anyone else or if he has stopped aging entirely.

Marco ate his devil fruit when he was ten years old as he would have died otherwise. Pops was the one feeding it to him as there was no other way to save him.

There was one night where all the commanders were playing a drinking guessing game trying to guess Marco’s age, Marco, however, ended up drunk before they got it correct.

Hello, my Darlings!

I hope you are all doing fantastic and my apologies for leaving you this long. I’m sure you’re all aware of my situation and I thank you for your patience. 

I wanted to thank you all for the awesome support you’ve given me. I’ve had so many messages and comments, even messages on my personal blog saying I can talk to you guys at any time and I can’t tell you how amazing that is. It’s been a really dark time for my family, but we are getting better. 

As for this blog, I know I mentioned discussion of deleting but I have decided that I will not delete this blog. I will try to keep posting, slowly but surely, but I want you guys to be able to still read the fics that are up.

So as for that, I will still occasionally take requests, I will post slower, but I’m here and I promise I won’t leave.

I love you all, so, so much. And joining this fandom was one of the best things I’ve ever done. I’ve realized that with the show over now, I feel better if I write about them. So, I will try to make time for that. :)

Major shoutouts to these awesome people (I hope I get everyone!): forever-on-the-ground, fuckyeahjeremyclarkson,beadmaven, brown-eyed-lily, the-wonder-hamster, marvelislove10, bornontheradiowaves, madsstille  lenkalost, lizardonthewindowpane,leacalifornia