Goodness me I haven’t worked with inks in forever, but it’s so fun! Work in progress book cover for the Animal Arithmetic Artbook Prototype #1. It’s more of a memoir kind of thing with visuals that will give you insight into how this story was shaped during my process of understanding different people starting off as an antisocial and then blossoming into an artist. The plan is to have it finished by end of May this year, but depending on how tough classes get, it could get pushed back to no later than end of June.

 I say I’m going to make lots of books, and some of ya might be like, “well, where are they?” I’m sorry for the stall! I’m in college and I may be ambitious, but sometimes the plans don’t quite go as timed due to the mental draining. I’m graduating this year, so these projects should go underway quicker once I’m out of the pound. This particular project is a class assignment, so it WILL be done ^^

Stay Tuned! :)

GOBLIN WEEK is over! I’ve enjoyed it immensely, though I missed a couple of days! So here’s my FINAL GOB of the year, a Goblin astride a mighty subterranean WAR SLOTH, the most feared and fearsome of Goblin Mounts! It’s a tiny bit rushed, but Goblins don’t have TIME for polish, when there’s fightin’ to be done and adventures to be had

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