Starcraft is awesome. I used to make Starcraft custom maps now and then, and somewhere in the middle of that, I developed a fascination for imagining what various assimilated creatures looked like pre-Zerg. I based this “slothien” concept off of the following description, taken from the StarCraft wiki and the original game manual:

The slothien were peaceful, caterpillar-like herbivores, making their home in large nests. This changed with their assimilation into the Zerg Swarm, becoming the nightmarish hydralisks.

I loved the image of a goofy, innocent-looking caterpillar-like thing transforming into something incredibly toxic and deadly. I imagined the slothien’s scythe-like arms were probably originally used to reap grass, either for food or nesting. I’ve been corrected on a couple details since posting this on deviantART, and I may do a “high-definition” version eventually.

This was originally posted by myself on deviantART, so clicking the picture takes you there.

This is not an official iimage, and Blizzard Entertainment retains all Starcraft and Starcraft II copyrights.