i uh. i tried that thing where you go into minecraft and take a screenshot, and then try and draw it.

i think it came out pretty looking pretty fine for my first attempt! it’s really relaxing and fun to do, actually, so i think i’ll do more in the future : D

alphadawgy reminded me of the technique thing so ya woo

“…and then they want me to kiss her, Sakura-chan!!”

“Haha,  that’s your own problem. You’re the one who wanted to do this movie.”

“But I thought it would be totally different! I’ll let my stunt double do it…I told them I’d rather be kissing you-dattebayo!”

“You say that every time, idiot. C’mon let’s get some food.”

and then they went on a date to Ichiraku. <3


Sloppy, but I had to draw some ns today. Look at these precious balls of sunshine. 

Scenario : On the set of The Last and Naruto is bummed with the script, so he goes and complains to his real gf.