30 day shred! Day two - being neurotic

And because I’m the queen of procrastination, have decided to mark this down to make myself get to it!

Started the day right with a 5km sloooowww run after a punnet of strawberries and banana and a yummy yogood glow bar but then degenerated swiftly after with a medium sized teriyaki chicken sumo salad and large soup spoon chicken soup with a multigrain bun. Insides are still bursting from the pigging out but I’m here at a pseudo-hen’s party with collagen hotpot for our bride-to-be but is certainly otherwise synonymous with fats pot.

The problem with starting a calorie count to be more aware of overeating is that one overdoes the counting! I’m sure that’s not healthy and beat myself up for beating myself up over it -heh- the body needs what it needs sometimes but I’m not sure if this will set back my get fit and healthy pre 5km run in November zz.

I shall most certainly push on to day 2!

Fight on! Get toned and lean!