1. How did you find out about the band?

I found out about the band from Adam, I think I randomly added him and we just started talking. He told me about the band so I listened to the song “Here I Am” and I have loved their music ever since.

2. Favorite song?

I would have to say my favorite song is “Dragging You Forward” and “Here I Am”.

3. Favorite lyric?

"You meant everything to me, Loved you so hopelessly"

4. Best SLN show you’ve seen?

I would say the Otenki show and I would love to see the guys play with them again.

5. Describe your experience in The Accolade.

Well to me The Accolade is like a family I never had. I can count on some of the amazing people I have met in The Accolade. My experience has been amazing like it’s crazy how one person could change your life or make you happy when you’re feeling down.

6. What do you see for the future of SLN?

I honestly can see the guys being a big band and playing warped tour and touring a lot.

7. What are your hobbies?

I have a lot but one of my main hobbies is music I love to play bass and I’m still learning how to play and I also make music.

8. How do you find new music?

Well people usually tell me about their music or if any of my friends tell me about a song or a band, I usually get into them.

9. What would you tell a complete stranger about SLN & The Accolade?

I would tell them that Southerland Nights is a really great band and they should listen to them sometime and about how they’re all great guys.

10. What are you most passionate about in life?

I would have to say music because no matter what happens, music is always there and music basically has saved my life. SLN and their music has changed my life, I used to be really sad and depressed about things in life and once I found out about The Accolade and SLN, my life  changed. I’m happy now and if I ever get sad just turn on music, it’s always there or I’ll just talk to one of the guys.


Listen to this wonderful song guys! It’s perfection.