I got 2 asks wanting a ‘normal’ bb and rae. I actually had fun… might do the rest toni-


…I’ll do the rest when I’m back from class.

EDIT: Finished the rest like I told you. Goddamnitcyborgwhyyoufine.

ooc: so i had a dream i went to disneyland and i was really happy then i met Anna but then she was really rude and stuff so when i woke up, i was really irritated like a;slkdf that dream just ruined my entire morning and i kept trying to convince myself that it was only a dream but i was still upset

but later on throughout the day, i decided to just

let it go.

anonymous asked:

An absolutely amazing person,, friend, and blogger. I've had the pleasure to talk with you a bit, but sadly not really RPed with you that much but I've talked with you some and I can tell you're AMAZING. AM AZ ING. I would love to always be friends with you, give you a hug or whatever. It's been a pleasure in the short time we've talked, and I hope you live an amazing life as the amazing person you are. Keep up the great work <3

Go on ANON and tell me what you think of me.

screams   i’m not nearly as nice as y’all are painting me to be omg slkdfs this is so sweet thank you 

Thing A Week - Week 4 - Jan 21, 2015


This week I:
* Rewrote a large portion of Sect’s seq/tick system, to fix an extremely bad savefile-corrupting error, which was a nightmare to track down, jfc
* Added a lot of material to the Ystyk Tutorial
* Started work on a serious pro gamedev project, whose main goal is to Avoid Coder Wheelies At All Costs, which will be absolutely necessary, since it’s shaping up to be a systems-based procedural game with scripted plot and user-scenarios and ;slkdf;lksdf
* Made absolutely nothing that is finished, impressive, or interesting, and therefore I have nothing to post. Nothing


I have 4 half-finished songs, 2 of which are good, and the other 2 will be good with some work. Presently my brain’s grey matter is being scooped out by the gnarled beak of the Beast of Gamedev as I kneel to trim its unending and horrible pubis, but I have a feeling I am righteously angry at myself to a deep enough degree that I want to finish some unfinished things, rather than following my whims and accumulating a million infuriatingly un-post-able half-things.


Goals for January 28th:
1. Finish at least 1 song
2. Get Evil Gamedev Project far enough along to post a nifty screencap

monchemonche asked:

exijo que este ask sea público :$ hola amiwo ñsadkjfñslkdf te estaba sicopatiando y pidieron tu whatsapp, asique ... creo que yo lo tengo :s creo que lo haré público para todas las gerlas lsdljfañksldjfñlskd eso chao :K kasdjñalksjdflakjflksd <33333333333

Hola Monche dskljgaekthwfaklmajwelkrwkewe Tú sólo calla, y deja de ser psicópata. aah casi  sd{ñltgañkwewe <3