#Meanwhile I #bided my #time #wrapping the most #slippery things I could find (mostly #polished #rock & #lapidary but sometimes other #pendants such as this #dichroic #glass) in the #slipperiest #slithering this I knew #Chains The result was a #delightful #distraction and my #artistic #reaction #statement to the #wire #wrapping #chainwork became #classified with. #DylonWhyte (at InstaPinTwit)


i’d like to slip my clothes on but i don’t know i don’t know i don’t know where the fuck they’d be slipping away from
it’s dangerous to attempt a slip n slide with a running start ((ya might hit yer tailbone real hard, forced to be a kid and watching tennis alone for days
the worst part about it: this is included in ur list of memories, who cares))
i’d love to slip away but i don’t know what i’d be slipping away from
what would i be slipping away from
water isn’t even very slippery we should use banana peels ((the slipperiest substance known to mankind)) for slippery funny business
i don’t i don’t i don’t want to slip away but i don’t i don’t i don’t
want to get high in the air, high with an air of anticipation and then
fall short of the slide, fall short of the grass, fall short of the concrete, fall short of the land and the water and the earth and the universe and the life
i don’t want to fall short of the life 
i want to live to live to live the fucking life

Why the Chicken Crossed the Road

By Caroline Nelson

Erwin couldn’t believe the moment was finally here—his first appearance on The Late Show with David Letterman. Sure, it was a risk coming all the way to New York City: pollution, large swiftly moving vehicles, Donald Trump, but Erwin was ready and exhilarated. And he was, after all, America’s Most Free-Range Chicken.

The star of TLC’s latest realty TV sensation, Free Bird, Erwin threw down with sly foxes in the deep woods of Georgia, chased the slipperiest of worms into the depths of raging creeks, and kept his hen, Patsy, safe from the clutches of Brian, the swift red tail hawk, all to the delight of viewers across the country. He had the flavor of the wild in his tiny chicken bones, which tingled with anticipation as the E train came to a stop at 7th Avenue. Erwin knew he could have taken a limo straight to the Ed Sullivan Theater, but against the better judgment of his handlers, he had decided to take the subway. Now was not the time for restrictions, especially since tonight was the test.

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It’s like there’s a curse being passed around the team. When the D gets it together everyone else falls apart. When Eli starts looking like himself suddenly Cruz has the world’s slipperiest gloves. Oh and special teams is all punt returner? What punt returner? You mean free touchdown?

The prettiest views (and the slipperiest surface) from the Castle Rock hike this weekend #latergram #bigbearlake #castlerock #queenharper

Nike Roshe Run


I picked up a pair of Nike Roshe Runs about a month ago. I was always reluctant to purchase a pair of Nike running shoes, given how common and expensive they are. The Roshe, however, was reasonably priced and had a unique and unusual design. After years of wearing flat-soled trainers (such as Converse) I wanted a pair of extremely comfortable everyday shoes, and I’ve definitely found them.


Roshe Run has a mesh upper, which is thin and breathable. It’s also worth noting that these shoes can be worn in the wet - your feet will be soaked but they won’t change shape or disintegrate. They’re extremely grippy even in the slipperiest of conditions. I love how thin and minimal they feel on the foot. 



Roshes feature a thick sole - which is made of a very squidgy rubber, making them feel very bouncy. I’m the type of person who crashes down on my heels a fair bit when walking quickly (I know, I know), and these shoes have removed the pain that results from that type of walking. My only complaint with the heel design is that they put pressure on the front portion of your foot, just behind your toes. This means that if you’re standing still for a long period of time, the front part of your foot can get a little achey. 


The mesh upper means that there’s no layer of material inside at all; this means that your feet are resting directly on the mesh layer. Wearing these shoes in very cold weather probably isn’t the best idea, unless you wear enormous insulating socks. 

I don’t run, but the Roshes have performed excellently simply as a walking shoe. They are comfortable enough to wear all day, in varying weather conditions. They have great grip, and a comfortable, soft sole, and are soft enough on the inside to wear without socks if you’re wearing them in very hot weather. They also have a relatively subtle, clean design - a breath of fresh air as most running trainers are hideous. 

Roshe Run is available in a huge range of colours, at various stores for around £70.