I’m at the KFC, I’m at the Taco Bell. I’m at the combination KFC and Taco Bell….AND PIZZA HUT!

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I SAW A SQUIRREL! It was doing like this /makes squirrelly noises/ - GIR

Today was an adventure!

I intend to has as many mini adventures as I can on my big adventure.

I didn’t sleep well. Finally crashed around 2am. Woke up at 6:30am. Damn. Slept an hour more. I can hear people moving around downstairs so I have breakfast with Connie’s sister [who lives here as well] before coming back up and getting another half hour/hours rest.

I decide I need to go out and get my bearings and some way to contact people.

A trip that should take me an hour took me about 3 cause I got lost and I dawdled and explored. I found a nearby subway station but upon inspect on the subway map I got from there, there is a closer one C:

I found a shopping centre and a mall where I got boring things like shampoo and more socks and then found more pretzel M&Ms [those things are seriously good guys! Sweet and just a little big salty and really crunchy <3]

I found a store devoted entirely to different flavours of popcorn [I shit you not - I’ll take a photo next time] and a store that sells cinnamon scrolls called Cinnabon [they’re yummy but coated in glaze >w<]

I missed dinner with the family because i fell asleep. Didn’t think I was that tired D| but they didn’t mind too much.

It’s 9pm and still light outside which is odd, but whatever.

Tomorrow I shall figure out the subway stations and how to get to school!

Also I got a new sim card for my phone that gives me a number in Toronto so if you’re dying to call me and want to enjoy some international phone bills you’re welcome to call me [this is directed at my friend’s back home <3]



Sitting in San Francisco airport using their free wifi and powerpoints. Can’t charge my phone but whatever XD

I miss you all but gosh this is exciting!

I’ve been patted down for explosives and weapons 4 times!

I met some really lovely people who live in San Francisco on my flight over and had a seat empty between me and another guy in my row who kept making conversation or asking questions. But he whispered when he spoke and we were right behind the wing and his hand gestures were really vague.

I’m freaking starving so I’m going to go find some noms before my flight leaves <3

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I have a few more videos to go up and some photos from January, but otherwise this blog is ka-puut!

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This video is late. My bad guys. Lots of cosplay talk in this one XD

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Sorry for lateness, had some issues with uploading D|

Found out there is a theme park called Canada Wonderland about 30min drive from where I'm staying.

Unbelievably tempted to go, but don’t want to go alone. It’s bad enough going to the mall by myself…I miss having people around who I could just drag places…

Monterey has been a blast C:

A 3 night blast sure but I’ve really enjoyed my time here. Visiting the aquarium had me half in tears as I walked in to the place I hadn’t been since I was four. I had a huge I miss my mum moment |3
I made friends with the peeps at the local tattoo place Creative Visions and when he saw my hesitation Ross said he wouldn’t do a tatt till someone was certain. Though we talked designs and stuff C:
I’m at the transit plaza an hour early so I’m having an early lunch (it’s nearly 2 but I’ve been eating lunch really late or skipping it to save cash XD I don’t eat that much anyway)
Anyway, on to San Jose soon! Get to meet Akku tomorrow and I’m buzzing I’m so excited 8D