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[Slides down the stair in a captain america costume.]

Jake turned his head to see his husband, but not leaving the couch. “Is it Halloween already?”

          Taking a deep breath–a deep breath that was
struggled and tried, Antonio pulled himself up. The
covers around his withering body stank of sickness
and sweat, filling the room with glum and gross. He
ran a hand barely through damp, matted curls, before
sliding on his slippers and taking the agonizing and
literal trip down the stairs. Gnarly hands gripped the
railing until they turned white as the rest of his paled


          Finally, after grueling moments, he found himself
in his kitchen. A miracle in itself. How he had even
managed that surprised him. A tea–that was all he wanted.
His eyes were watering; not from tears. Efforts strong, he
still could not manage lifting the kettle. Instead, the frail and
shaking for slid down against the counter. Antonio lifted his
hands to his sunken in cheeks, pressing his palms into
them, before weeping. He barely heard the knock, and even
when he did, he could not rise to answer it. Instead, he raised
his voice the best he could. “Come… i…n…” He didn’t want
anybody to know how ill he was–no. With another struggling
breath, he pulled himself up against the counter with his
back to the door. 


Things happen for a reason

(sorry long post)
So after 3 or so months, (my longest relationship so far) my boyfriend broke up with me. He was the first guy I actually had feelings for because the other 3 guys I have dated it was in pure desperation and more like “OMG SOMEONE FINDS ME ATTRACTIVE?! hOlySHit I MUST DATE THEM!” Plus, we had a lot in common and got along well, so it hurts.

But today, I wasn’t sad. My friends and family are saying I’m handling this well and that’s how I want them to look at me as. “I’m fine” is the mantra of the day. Honestly, I haven’t cried yet because I tend to internalize things until they fade away, and that’s what I plan to do here. Instead, I goofed off with my siblings, laughed to myself at different tumblr posts and slide down the stairs on a mattress. I did lighthearted things to keep myself upbeat and positive. Because of this it will help to slowly mend the little tears in my heart right now.

A break up is a break up and it hurts a bit no matter what. Time heals most wounds and that’s what needs to happen. I am also a firm believer that things happen for a reason. It was meant to be this way and I am accepting of that. Because of the whole thing leading up to the break up I was in a rut, (it doesn’t help that I just got my wisdom teeth out a week ago) I lived in my pajamas, eating like crap and feeling really unmotivated and apathetic. And now because of this relationship chapter closing, I feel as though I need to stand up and shake it off. ( tswift pun not intended.) Tomorrow is a new day. It is also the day where I start eating healthier, doing a little workout everyday and doing something productive/creative everyday. Honestly, I could isolate myself and listen to sad music and watch sad movies and become depressed very easily but that is not helping anything in my situation, so its time to start anew. In retrospect, this small relationship really shouldn’t  impact me the way it does right now but I feel inspired and motivated to start clean and really start off the summer on the right foot. I need to take care of myself and be happy with myself before I even contemplate any kind of relationship right now. And that’s what I plan to do this summer.

So here’s to this summer, let’s make it a good one.

Tony came sliding down the stairs before Steve had the chance to retaliate. “I heard there were people here please tell me they brought alcohol,” he said in a rush.

“I brought bad tequila and a lime,” Clint called.

“You’re my new best friend.”

Bruce rolled his eyes. “I should probably be offended by that.”

“Brucie, you’ll always have a place in my heart,” Tony told him. He dragged Clint in by his collar. “But this man has a special place in my liver.”

“You don’t mess with the man’s liver,” another voice called from the kitchen.

I miss my old home and the bath and my bathroom and the spare bedroom where I used to sleep and just going to the kitchen and eating - just sitting there doing nothing watching the planes go past and sitting on the grass with the dogs and my parents having parties while I was in bed and waking up at 6 am with stash to sneak downstairs to watch sponge bob in french and then have my trumpet lessons and wait till my parents came home to have dinner and the massive shower next to my room which was amazing and also the play room that I tried to make into a bedroom and smoking paper outside the window at the top of the house probs fucked up my lungs and then having baths and sliding down the stairs on our mattresses lol that was fun - but now I kinda have to revise for history in the north of england with no friends so yeah bye

so nice to hang out with dad this morning. i’m so glad he knows everything now. such a massive weight off my shoulders and i don’t have to face this shit without my best friend anymore. 

also, Pitch Perfect 2 with the girls was amazing, i seriously love hanging out with those ladies. we’re definitely christening the new house by sliding down the stairs on a tea tray! 

now to edit the Promo work i did for Stormy Images and Ben Wheeler the other day. i’m so nervous to see how my first corporate stuff comes out, but i really enjoyed shooting with Ben and i think the RAW’s look pretty sick so we’ll see.