I was tagged by the ever so fabulous ahotcuppatea to do the 10 facts about me tag, so put on your seat belts and get ready for an anticlimactic rollercoaster ride.

1. I am getting a tattoo within the next 10 days and I am beyond stoked about it.

2. I’m looking forward to the Houdini mini series on the History channel because I love Houdini and history in general so I can’t wait to watch it.

3. I’m listening to Hoodie Allen right now.

4. I moved in the middle of June this year to Salem, the capital of Oregon, which really is just a ghetto version of Portland minus all the cool things.

5. I love makeup. Putting it on is such a cool experience. Idk I just like the idea that your face is a canvas.

6. I am currently unemployed and I’m using my graduation money to fund my hardly frivolous lifestyle.

7. I am going to the University of Oregon in the fall and Idk how I feel about it. I’m excited but nervous but scared but flirting with the idea that more freedom might be cool.

8. I am craving french toast and chicken fries right now.

9. I fidget a lot and play with my piercing when I do. For instance, I just was spacing out and moved my nose ring around. I have a hard time sitting still.

10. If you add me on snapchat you will see a picture of at least one of my dogs everyday. They are my favorite animals in the world and not having a dog at school is going to suck because dogs are lil best friends. Btw if you care to add me my username is rebeccaalmurphy 

I tag these boss ass bitches: averyhepburn, le-monde-a-change, slidedowntohell, and slow-n-simplee