Hgfgfff really intimidating Hufflepuff Michael who always gets told off by his teachers for breaking the dress code bc he shows up to class with his tie undone and sleeves rolled up so you can see his tattoos and he kicks his boots up onto the desk. But also he’s done all of his homework and gets good grades and everyone in his house really loves him and he tutors kids in herbology and he makes his own little plant patch to sew on his jeans and Ashton tells him it’s not very punk rock and Michael kicks at him and tells him to shut up.

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How does silver look. What does he wear, not gonna draw him, just curious?

Erm. He’s tall. Average build. Very dark brown hair. Most distinguishing features are his strong European nose and rad eyebrows (I call em ‘shark’ eyebrows, and it’s when they almost have ‘hooks’ on the top, outer peaks [like dorsal fins].) His eyes are very pretty: deeply set, and light-colored. His driver’s license says ‘green’, but most of the time they look blue or grey to me. One of those ‘changes depending on what he wears’ things. Casually, he wears long-sleeved shirts with the sleeves rolled partially up his arms, the kind of shirts with two or three buttons (undone) down from the neck area. He wears dark colors, mostly black and forest green, and black slacks or denim jeans. He’s got a watch with a thick black strap, and he wears a green, stone pendant beneath his shirt that features a math equation, which could be symbolized as his chosen religion (logic). Most of the time he’s got some 5 o’clock shadow, ‘cause he’s one of those lucky bastards whose facial hair grows in a full, uniformed fashion. He used to shave every day, but I persuaded him to flaunt it.

He looks like he could be a werewolf, kinna. Like one of those sexy new-aged “family is nobility from Romania” sorts. Except he would be the friendliest looking werewolf in a pack…

so... dragon age noir
  • Cassandra in a shirt, white and all buttons and not a single crease anywhere, but sleeves rolled up, strong arms showing and a loosened tie around her neck, holster tight against her shoulders and chest and still a good cop admits corruption and deceit
  • Cullen, her partner, wearing the same white shirts and ironed slacks, good at his job, but troubled and seldom sleeping, hiding behind stacks of paper, smoking too much and when falling in love with someone his lips taste like ash
  • Long hours of work, never catching a break and testing the chains of the broken system, when yet another of their colleagues accepts bribes and they try to arrest him
  • Both of them fighting old and new sorrows at a dark place, where the whiskey is cheap and strong and a bartender that is sharing stories and lies and sometimes information
  • Sleeping at each others places, never touching, but enjoying the closeness, the unanswered questions and sharing a bond that started years ago
  • (・∀・ )

my aesthetic is being a tubby butch genderweird in black skinnies tucked into docs with muscle shirts or rolled up sleeves and great eyeliner and killer grey hair.

a powerful aesthetic, albeit one that got me tailed around sephora for half an hour on the assumption that i was a shoplifter :v

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Michi, I need marvel comic recommendations. It's very important plz respond :I

ROLLS UP SLEEVES alright alright alright

In no particular order because I’m on mobile navigating the streets of manhattan and it’s cold

- ALL NEW X- FACTOR (2014-2015) - 20 issues total b/c marvel cancelled it gfdi — anyway the team is great and PAD’s characterization of Pietro Maximoff is perfect and great also Lorna Dane is the leader of the group and she’s perfect ? And her relationship w/ her siblings is touched upon and just the entire team dynamic is great ! It’s really funny and also just respectful of character histories and I hope we get to see the team again at some point

MS MARVEL (2014- present ) Kamala Khan is perfect, Kamala Khan is like a breath of fresh air and Ms Marvel NEVER fails to cheer me up — the writing is wondeful and so is the art also helloooo Kristafer Anka on cover art for the upcoming new releases !!! No but if you’ve never read any comics and want to , Ms Marvel is the way to go because Kamala Khan is perfect and I can’t describe how great she is —!!

ALL NEW GHOST RIDER (2014- present ) - I picked it up solely for Robbie Reyes and tbh it’s great and I think the narrative is good :0! Also Felipe Smith is great and !!! It’s good tbh

- She Hulk (2014) - shulkie was my first intro to Jen and it’s only 12 issues (bc it unfortunately got cancelled ) but it’s great and hello cover art by Kevin Wada

- Black Widow (2014-present) - solo series for Nat more like hello. It’s a bit slow in terms of pace but easy enough to get into !

- Black Widow : Name of the Rose ; Marjorie Liu’s the writer on this run of Black Widow and she’s amazing and characterization is spot on . Also check out Any of Marjorie Liu’s run on Black Widow (or basically Everything she wrote for marvel )

- X-23 by Marjorie Liu - I wasn’t really familiar w/ Laura Kinney as a character until I picked up the entire digital run and it’s really great at fleshing out Laura and her relationships w/ other characters like Remy LeBeau, Jubilation Lee and Logan Howlett as well as others . There’s one issue where she has to babysit the fantastic four’s kids and there are dragons involved . Also it’s really graphic so if you’re uncomfortable w/ sexual assault, depictions of self harm and gore amongst other things , you may want to pass on it

Daredevil vol. 3 (2011-2014 run) - it’s really great tbhhhhh

Elektra (2014- present ) the art is amazing I actually cry over the art tbh. It’s a little slow in terms of pacing and narrative and not for everyone but I jumped into it with no prior knowledge of the character so :0!

Storm (2014- present )it’s a solo Storm book it’s gr8 tbhhhh !!!!

Amazing X-men and Nightcrawler ( both are 2014- present ) team dynamics !!!! Also they brought back Nightcrawler from the dead and just campy banter and AHHH I like it a lot.

X-men (2014-present) not for everyone and it has it’s issues but it’s all all female xmen team and I like the team dynamic however there are a few story arcs that could have been left unpublished tbh. Also , the current writer for Ms marvel is set to write the next upcoming few issues (or arcs ? Idk if she’s going to just guest-write a few issues or she’s staying long term)

Young Avengers as well as Avengers: Children’s Crusade ; I liked the earlier run on YA rather than the 2013 run because to be honest it was a bit of a mess :/ but anyway , YA for snarky superhero teens and Children’s Crusade was the first comic I read w/ Wanda in it So. It’s actually a good event comic even if it’s not PERFECT and had it’s issues etc !

Also ! RUNAWAYS is great if you want young superhero teams :0!

OH and before I forget , Kelly Sue DeConnick’s continuous run on Captain Marvel (2013 to present if I’m not mistaken !) — she handles Carol Danvers’ character excellently and it’s a fun series .

I’m probably forgetting some series tbh ; but those are the first that come to mind :0! And now I have to run to class


Eren grabs the nearest book at hand and steps up to the new librarian at his desk — Levi, his nametag states.

"H-Hi, I’d like to, uh, check out you."

Gray eyes lift and lock on Eren, staring at him, nonplussed. Eren realizes what the hell he had just said.

"I-I mean—book! O-Obviously I meant check out th-this book!” Eren sputters, face steaming, and avoids the boring gaze of the librarian by fumbling in his pockets for his library card.

Eren finally hands over the card and the librarian silently checks out the book for him.

"Well, ah," Levi flicks his gaze down to Eren’s library card, "Mr. Jaeger, your book is due in two weeks. However, you are more than welcome to return before then.”

(I got so caught up with librarian!Levi that I forgot the other part of #25, which should be Eren as an avid reader. Ah, well.)