Hello! It’s being a while since I made my last follow forever, and I’ve been wanting to make one for ages and I thought what better occasion to make one than my birthday! (okay no, I know there’s 976435 better things but I needed an excuse to make one). If you are in this list, I love seeing your posts on my dashboard!! and I’m probably dying to be your friend. If you’re not here, I’m so sorry, I must forgot (I’m doing this very late haha), I don’t see you on my dash very often or simply we don’t really talk, so let’s hope we change that on the future!! :). Oh, and I’m sorry for the really crappy gifs!! one day I’ll make a ff with nice ones, I promise. Anyway, just make sure to check out all these amazing blogs!!

In no particular order:

malvernbitch - dirtylcve - loydls - withurlove - chxrllxyd - i-janek - lloydbadbitch - playacher - ohswaggers - nhorans - rawrcherbear - cherfantasy - cherlloydstyle - cchers - pepitotomlinsons - sharelloyd - s-t-i-c-k-s-t-o-n-e-s - tealloyd - sweethaerts - niallisbeyonce - sleepyharrystyls - shakeitcher - pterspan - chermix - bindurlloyd - sorrysimlate - stilloyd - lloydsgod - ohziall - magnifictions - badgalcher - hiddletson - mumferd - oklloyd - enchantedmoons - lloydmonk - narryclass - cherlloyds - cehrlloyds - mixlloyd - flawlesscher