Saw a really ugly comment on the TVLine article about Katrina and Ichabod’s date that if the fans want The Abbie Show “maybe they can put it on BET and go away and leave us SH fans alone.” Really? Because shows with black leads and black casts should be on BET. Right. Gotcha. But this same person would clutch their pearls, fall out on a fainting couch and get downright offended if anyone called this statement out for the racist tripe that it is.

And this is what’s wrong with fandoms specifically and Hollywood in general. In their minds, if black people and POC want equal and fair representation in media, we shouldn’t expect it on primetime TV. It should be relegated to “black” networks. As piscestoo wisely pointed out to me when she was kind enough to let me vent about this bullshit, we’re called racists for having a network that actually represents us, but are then told to go back to that same network when we express a desire to be decently and fairly treated on a show where a black character is supposed to be one of the leads. Or where one is ridiculously killed off after being inexplicably sidelined for the whole season for “realism.” The same exact thing was said about Joss Carter on Person of Interest when fans expressed a desire for her character to stop being marginalized. So it’s not a Sleepy Hollow thing. It’s a fandom thing. And it’s ugly.


Hollow is a wonderful haunted horsehide inspired by The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, full of spooky scares and full of some of the most stunning low poly visuals you’re ever likely to see.

There are two types of gameplay available - a guided on-rails chariot ride and a free roaming horse ride, we’d highly recommend trying both (Chariot first, then the horse ride).  The chariot ride is a visually spectacular haunted house-style theme park ride with some frights that when played on a standard screen will make you jump, but when played on an Oculus Rift may require a change of underwear.

The free roaming horse ride gives you free rein over a massive expanse of beautiful low poly countryside and a rather creepy woodland trail.  There are no real objectives, but There’s lot to see as you explore the land of Hollow with your trusty steed.  It works perfectly with a mouse and keyboard, but plug in a Leap Motion controller and it really does turn into a horse riding simulator - with you able guide your horse with virtual reins using the same motions as you’d use in real life.

Whether you’re sitting back and enjoying the scenery or taking the horse by the reins, Hollow is a spectacular ride full of some mind-blowing sights and creepy frights.  A heavenly haunted horse ride

Play Hollow, Free (Standard Screen or Oculus Rift)


Someone has some nice things to say about our Nicole :-)

I like how the handful of Katrina stans can only compliment her looks. In her defense for staying around all they can say is that she’s attractive and ‘looks good’ with Crane.

Then you have those that obviously never read the original story saying how their romance and marriage is sooo canon.

Then of course those that think us wanting more Abbie are wanting her to take over the show. Been there. In another fandom, my fave would be on screen for less than 5 minutes and maybe show up every 4 episodes and people would claim we were greedy to want more and the show wasn’t about them! There’s no reasoning with those folks. They want us to ‘trust the writers’ But as soon as something happens THEY don’t like, they’re right there protesting too. Such hypocrisy.

And yes, we all know that certain things have to play out and certain characters need some screen time to deal with certain story arcs and develop. But it’s how it’s executed that’s the problem. Fine if you think the Cranes need to work out their marriage but this isn’t Downtown Abbey. There doesn’t need to be so much screen time dedicated to that. Sure maybe Katrina needs to be fleshed out but why does that have to mean Abbie gets regulated to the background?

There was not ONE mention of Abbie in the recent Fox article that was posted on the Sleepy Hollow Facebook page. Despite the article being titled ‘What’s next for the Witnesses in 2015’; Goffman goes out of his way to mention how the Cranes are trying to work out their marriage. Really? In an article that’s supposed to entice us to watch for what’s in store for the show next year, that’s all he mentions? If you don’t see by now he has replaced Abbie with Katrina, you just don’t want to.

And no, they’re not avoiding showing Abbie because ‘every scene she’s in is just too spoilery’. Don’t be naive. They know what they’re doing with all this promo stuff. They know exactly what message they’re sending.


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"We balance each other out perfectly. I think that’s why it’s a good team."