Sleepy Hollow is getting crazier than ever. Fox’s breakout supernatural police procedural returns for its sophomore season embracing the zaniness that has become its hook…

Nice Nicole & Tom exchange:

"What has been the most grotesque or outlandish thing you’ve seen on the set?

Mison: It frightened me the first time we saw the Sandman.

Beharie: I’m a little superstitious. My family’s West Indian; we used to tell ghost stories at Christmas. Every time we have to do an incantation of some sort, which we do regularly, I have a minor freak-out, like “What if…” Some of the stuff we do is based on some seed of truth or some sort of demon in mythology. There’s a little bit of history in terms of where it comes from, so I get weirded out, truly, every now and then.

Mison: I never knew that.

Beharie: I told you that before!

Mison: I thought you were joking!

Beharie: I looked at you like, “What are we doing? What are we saying?” I’ll look something up online. In the first week I was like, “What’s Moloch? Oh my god, this is real. We can’t possibly be doing this.” Then I asked my grandma if she knew about it: “Oh yeah, baby.” I was living alone last year in a little cottage in an old colonial district of North Carolina. They cut the grass and along the side of my hedges there were three tombstones in my yard. Then we ended up shooting there.

Mison: Because it was particularly spooky.”