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1x04, The Lesser Key of Solomon

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POC actors and actresses who should play Abbie's love interest in Season 2 and beyond

Daniel Henney, Janina Gavankar, Oona Chaplin, Michael Ealy, Alex Meraz, Katrina Law, Parminder Nagra, Jason Momoa, Chadwick Boseman, Lucy Liu, Shay Mitchell, Sendhil Ramamurthy

Because she can be badass and have a love life at the same time. Also, bisexual Abbie needs to be canon.

Can we please stop acting like

I find the Abbie storyline and her sister and irritation. It takes the attention from the storyline I tune in to see - namely Ichabod and Katrina (after all the show is called Sleepy Hollow). If the writers want to write a cop show for a strong woman then go make a cop show

The only reason why people are calling out racist

Would I still tune into see the show if Orlando was Tom’s TV partner - Yes. They could remove Abbie’s role in a second and I wouldn’t care less.

In the Sleepy Hollow fandom

I love Katrina and want to see her as a regular character in the modern world, and I want to see her and Ichabod reunited. Abbie is neither here nor there to me, although I really like her sister. As others have stated, different fans have different opinions.

Is because people don’t like our ship

Abbie and Jennie don’t interest me at all. Their storyline is like a 3rd rate soap opera. It spoils the Sleepy Hollow story. Who gives a toss about their back story. Not me that’s for sure. Its tacked on in crass way and takes valuable screen time away from the poor actress playing Katrina. I feel very sorry for her.

Shipping, showrunners and expectations.

I don’t post a lot about Sleepy Hollow, but I’ve had these ideas kicking around in my head for a while. So if you chose to indulge in my ramblings…yay?

Let’s get one thing out of the way: I am an Ichabbie shipper. I’ll go down with the ship. I make no apologies. That said…

The showrunners/exec producers/etc. keep insisting that they didn’t intend for people to want Ichabod and Abbie together romantically. That’s probably true. It’s why they tied to give us the “epic” Ichabod/Katrina love story.

Intentions are fine. It’s the follow through and the chemistry you can’t predict. Sometimes you go into something with the best of intentions but you find when you write it or the actors actually have to act it out…your intentions fly out the window. A good writing staff writes to their show’s strengths. They course correct to what works rather than try to force something that isn’t there. I, myself, have seen this several times.

In the early days of Fringe the showrunners and the actors said flat out that they didn’t want to put Olivia and Peter together. That they were “brother and sister” and some other dumbfuckery. But it was clear that the romantic spark was there. Many people (including myself) shipped them from the very beginning. By the end of season 2, the show finally bowed to what they characters themselves were telling them: that those two characters belonged together. (Incidentally, some of the people who created Fringe also created Sleepy Hollow, make of that what you will.)

Smallville, Arrow, hell Buffy the Vampire Slayer! Good writing is lead by the characters and not some artificial “intention” of the writing staff. The Arrow writing staff fought against Olicity for two years before realizing that it was exactly the kind of love story their characters were demanding. Chemistry is subjective, yes, but sometimes it’s SO OVERWHELMING that you have to be A BLIND PERSON not to see it. I firmly believe that Tom and Nicole have that kind of chemistry. The screen just lights up when they are together. So my question to the Sleepy Hollow producers is this: if we weren’t supposed to ship it, WHY did you cast actors with THIS kind of chemistry? They could have cast actors with a “friend” or “brother/sister” vibe. But they didn’t.

Will we get Ichabbie as a couple? I don’t know. I hope so. I want the show to earn it. To make it in character for Ichabod and Abbie. To deal with the Katrina issue (I personally think she’s shady as hell) in a respectful way. It’ll take time, obviously. In the meantime, I’m gonna keep shipping it because it makes me happy. I’m also going to take any edicts from the showrunners with a grain of salt the size of Montana because I’ve seen this song and dance before. Things change. For now, let’s just enjoy whatever moments we get, okay?

please tell me that people saying abbie & jenny mills aren’t interesting at all are joking???? like have you watched the show ???? abbie & jenny and their relationship, character development, etc, is the best thing about the show ???? are you honestly more interested in katrina than the mills sisters ???? i dont get it ?????

anonymous said:

I am a black woman, and I think we shouldn't be quick to call people who don't ship ichabbie racists. I mean if black people who do not ship them are not referred to as such, then we should not do same for white people. Im an ichabbie shipper but it is important to understand that there are legitimate reasons people are not shipping it cos he's married or they feel he's unstable or other. It's not always about race. To always jump to that conclusion is somewhat prejudicial and just plain lazy.

Yea if you don’t ship Ichabbie thats fine. But there are certain people that like going into the ichabbie tag or on blogs and start shit. idk I’m sure someone will add to this with a better answer. and please do

Cant’ we all hold hands and be excited that sleepy hollow comes back in 9 days!!!!! :D lol