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A scrapped chapter from the fanbook where Sakura sneakily tries to sleep over at Nozaki’s, except she doesn’t anticipate Hori being there. Eating Nozaki’s cooking is Sakura’s idea of a romantic sleepover, she approves of Senpai with his hair down (who doesn’t), he and Nozaki have matching work shirts, Nozaki stares at Sakura’s ribbons rather oddly, and Kashima chooses a bad time for out-of-context eavesdropping…


Clarence - Belson’s Sleepover (Sneak Peek)

This episode was originally planned to be the intro to Belson on the show. Meaning that Belson should have came before “secretly likes dolphins conflicted” Belson. The reason they’re airing it now is because it fits better as a Halloween special.

It airs October 30th at 6:30/5:30C on Cartoon Network.

anonymous said:

Would you rather have an x-rated night with Chris Evans or eat ice cream in bed with Bucky Barnes?


maybe this is weird but i want nothing more than for bucky to be happy

we’re going to eat ice cream and talk about steve rogers and braid each others’ hair

it’s sleepover friday