This upcoming Saturday on May 2nd, 2015, I am hosting a Sonic the Hedgehog sleepover event on my channel!

Bring your favorite soda and snacks, plush toys; and your most comfortable pajamas!  This is an overnight event!  I invite everyone on the internet to come and join the sleepover party, enjoy the stream, make friends, and have a great time!  Let’s blow this place up with as many awesome people as possible and make it the best sonic party yet!

I will be playing Sonic Generations and Sonic Adventure during this stream.  If there is time, I may dig into some of the older titles from the Sega Genesis.

Please reblog this as a personal invitation to the party!

Share it with others, invite your friends, and don’t forget your pillow!  I encourage everyone to follow twitter and twitch to know when when I’m streaming future sleepover parties.  Please respect the chatbox rules while attending my live events.

See you Saturday night!

gwydions asked:

Hi :) For your sexual asexual anons: It's completely ok to be asexual and still have libido/sex drive. It's the sexual attraction part that matters. Asexual may masturbate, may enjoy sex, may want it. Or not. In my experience, if you're not sure if you've ever experienced sexual attraction, you very probably didn't. If you ocassionaly feel sexual attraction but it's rare, you still are on asexual spectrum. It's a spectrum, so don't worry about fitting in.


~sleepover sundays extended edition ~    

do you ever that one cat thats like “i am the ruler of this house hooman. I did not permit these groceries in here. I will show them whos place this is.” and go completely postal on that shit? No? Just my psychotic bitch cat? ok……

tumblr sleepover!!!

come on anon or not and talk to me about:

  • Boys /Girls/ your crush
  • Send me MLT’s
  • school
  • tell me new bands to listen to
  • talk to me about concerts or future concerts you are about to go!!
  • tell me cute stories
  • ask me questions
  • rant abot anything
  • sex?
  • embarrassing/funny/sad stories
  • netflix movies to watch and talk about together
  • A N Y T H I N G

okay pls let’s do this guuuuys 

anonymous asked:

omfg i'm kinda relating to the sexual asexual anon ??? like i get aroused often and its nice but i don't rly feel attracted to anyone? like i HAVE in the past but only like once or twice and from then on it's like wtf kinda attraction am i feeling and nowadays i'm like 99% sure i only ever experience aesthetic or on occasion romantic attraction .... why tf is this so complicated ?? and i'm also kinda hesitant to come out to ppl bc i've been rly adamant that ""nO I'M NOT ASEXUAL nOT POSSIBLE" ://

maybe semisexual might be something to consider?  though it seems like everyone is having trouble putting a definition to that so that is fluid too hmhmmhmmm maybe keep it to yourself for a bit longer until youve put a definition to it and know who you are then youll be able to confidently go ‘yeah this is me!’ to others uwu 

sleepover sundays ~