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He just wanted coffee, wanted to wake up, wanted some time before he had to get dressed and go meet Emma at the station. He thought the B&B's little kitchen would provide him with quiet this early so he could have his coffee in peace, but he was quickly proven wrong. Killian instantly shifted his arms to hold the bundle of baby that had been plopped into them. Looking up in surprise he half expected to find Snow, but instead he saw Aurora digging into the fridge, pulling items out.

(2) “Doesn’t this belong to you?” Killian asked leerily, shifting the infant in his arms. It was wide awake, but didn’t make any noise, studying him instead with big eyes. “Yes, he does,” Aurora agreed, setting eggs out on the counter, and looking in the cupboards for the pans Red had given them instructions on how to use, “But as you owe me, you can hold him for a moment while I make breakfast.” “I owe you?” He stared at her in shock, hoping with every fiber of his being the baby wouldn’t cry.

(3) Aurora looked at him over her shoulder, “You took my heart.” she stated simply. Killian winced, sinking down in his chair a little. “I returned it.” he offered lamely. “Yes, and you’ll return him once I’m done here.” Aurora replied brightly, her voice making the baby smile and his little arms flail. “Do you not have one of those basket things?” Killian hoped he didn’t sound like he was whining, “Or the chairs that swing like Snow has?” “Yes.” “So can’t you put him in one?” “No.”

Feelings? What feelings? I don’t know what you are talking about. I don’t cry! I must have something in my eye for it to be watering like this. Jesus what do you think this is? 



she is the kind of treasure
       that a map won’t give to you [x]


   With that, as the long spell of her enchantment came to an end, the Princess awaked; and looking at him with eyes more tender than a first sight of him might seem to excuse:—

   “Is it you, my prince?” she said. “You have been a long while coming.”

she’s a princess, lost in a castle
too big for fantasies of flight —
she’s wide awake and dreaming
of seas too far away to breathe.

freedom doesn’t come easy for
girls with gold inside their veins
and love was never meant to last
for princesses anyway.

you know who to fall in love with
(tall, fair, handsome, with a throne
for you to share — never anyone
with the ocean in their blood)

and you know how to behave
(a princess is always full of grace,
always kind, always beautiful —
and princesses do not fall in love
with pirates from the seas beyond)

and you grow up reading all the stories
of true love, knights, and dragons
(like something out of a fairytale,
he tells you once, whispers on your skin,
a princess is meant for more than love)

ivory thrones await the girl
who loved the sea too much
(because no matter how the stories go
happy endings don’t come true).


the princess who fell in love with a pirate

— cllarafrey


The e a r t h breaks, it falls and save your beat
I’d find myself swallowed, drowning in your h e a t


ADVENT CALENDAR MEME (2013 EDITION): Day 01 - gingerwitches


sea-foam girl in a snow-cold world