Sleep Tight

TITLE: Sleep Tight


AUTHOR tomcuddlesfic

WHICH TOM/CHARACTER: AU tom / Business Man Tom

GENRE: fluff / romance /

FIC SUMMARY: OC decides to give the last slice of cake to her boss but what happens when he offers her a ride back home?


AUTHORS NOTES/WARNINGS: I took some time to write this one shot out after having a brief anxiety filled moment. This was really soothing. I have two more office party one shots I want to get done. I missed you guys and I hope you’re doing well. Tell me what you think of this one shot! :)

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In today’s episode of ZR characters that should never ever die.

1.  Nadia

2. Nadia

3. Nadia

4. Jack Holden

My headcanon is that Jack and Nadia are huge bros.  Even though we’ve never heard them interacting in missions, can you imagine how animated their convos would be?

Guys, you don’t get it, I really <3 Nadia.  I know what she did in season 2 was extremely brainless, but I totally get why she did it.  I have so many headcanons of what she does when she isn’t wound tight like steel wool and all of them are awesome.  Nadia needs more love.

BTDUBS: She totally tapes a “kick me” sign on Jack after this. 

What's up with "sleep tight" and "sleep tightly"?

There have been numerous posts on countless grammar blogs that deal with the etymology, i.e., the origin of the expression “sleep tight.” While this blog values such information, it prefers to get straight to the point.

Sleep tight" rhymes much better with "Good night" and "Don’t let the bed bugs bite," two other expressions that are often associated with "Sleep tight," than "sleep tightly" does.

But besides that point, the pragmatic reason why “sleep tight” works grammatically is because of this:

As you can see, “tight" can be both an adjective (as in a “tight shirt”) and an adverb.

Although we close bottles tightly, we sleep tight (not tightly).

Also, “tight" is used as an adverb in the common expression "sit tight,” which means “wait patiently” or “don’t change your mind.”