Classis chic. Always tendance.

i dont really want to make this post but i feel like i have to & i feel like its necessary that i do. i didn’t want to make a whole big deal out of this but 4 days later i’m still getting hate messages so i probably have some explaining to do.

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I’ve been up for 22 hours so I’m sure this is going to be a very airheaded collection of thoughts, but whatever. First time in over half a year that I managed to stay up long enough to catch the chapter.

Gray being evil isn’t necessarily bad. Despite the Sasugray (or Graysuke or whatever) jokes that made the rounds, it’s a trope that way predates Naruto. The issue is more that it came entirely out of the left field. 10 chapters earlier the only issue to be had with him was that he and Natsu disagreed on how to handle the book of END. Now he’s suddenly so evil that even a Zeref worshipping cult is stunned by his evilness? Bull. Bad foreshadowing. I’m happy to see that the “becoming a demon” thing that he did to block Mardi Gras’ attack was actually relevant, but this needed more time to develop.

Disappointed that no one has considered the possibility that Frogue lied about the future. Considering they know he did it at least once, and acted as though he had no interest in Frosch’s wellbeing.

On that note, still waiting for it to turn out that Rogue secretly followed.

Gajeel as a council dog is hilarious. He was the one I thought was most likely to just go to another guild, too. Maybe because that one dead councilor was an important person to him, he got a job working with the law?

Ran out of thoughts. I need sleep now.