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WILLoW rosenBERG *i fly off into the night cackling*


  • why i like them: alyson hannigan has really nice hair sometimes and i liked her shirt a lot in beer bad and also she was pretty excellent with parker while i’m on that episode
  • why i don’t: because she’s the kind of person who will WITHOUT FAIL make every single thing ever about her feelings regardless of whether or not the thing has anything to do with her or is her business at all and don’t tell me it ~started with the magic arc~ because loool no she was doing that back in high school too. oh right and also there’s that whole thing about how she’s so desperate to control people and change every situation she’s in rather than dARING to contemplate changing herself just a little. (and all these things make her a gr9 character but also make me dislike her) oh right and there was that time she violated her girlfriend’s mind (+body but can we just not debate this it makes me nauseous) and when confronted with it (and the reminder that this girl has been violated like that beFORE) her reaction is to do it again wow rosenberg you suck
  • favorite episode/scene: apparently beer bad is my willow episode lawl
  • favorite season/movie/arc: her entire arc is flawless (if a little crudely handled at times (lol wrecked)) and such a gr9 exploration of power and corruption and how it’s something innate within her all along and magic is just an expression of it (and how she displaces that corruption into addiction to magic because she can’t face her own internal problems so she’d rather place the blame elsewhere it’s really weLL-CRAFTED
  • favorite line: Let me tell you something about Willow. She’s a loser, and she always has been. People picked on Willow in junior high school, high school, up until college with her stupid mousy ways. And now… Willow’s a junkie. The only thing Willow was ever good for… the only thing I had going for me… were the moments, just moments, when Tara would look at me and I was wonderful. And that will never happen again!
  • otp: kennedyyyyyy
  • favorite platonic relationships: willow/anya and willow/giles are the best ok
  • headcanon: it’s too late at night to be coherent go away
  • unpopular opinion: lmao have you even read this post
  • don’t send me asks about this pls i find willow tiresome and i am generally kind enough not to talk about it so please do the same 4 me

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Thanks for inspiring it, Daggy :) It’s more fun to read, apparently, listening this. If Spike’s early days are a metahpor for colonialist conquest, does than mean season 6 his Revanchism/”the South will Rise Again!” period? smarter people, discuss

i was getting pissed off at the ‘death wish’ thing getting passed around because it is a metaphor for victim blaming. “She wanted it!” etc. ew to Nikki just being an object in his whole story. that’s spike’s grossness, but also the show’s grossness towards WOC in general :P

I also didn’t have time to talk about the Chinese slayer because we know so little of her! But the fact that her last thoughts were about her mother tell me she also wasn’t a hollowed out shell of humanity as Spike kinda implies she was…ewwww to his “I don’t speak Chinese” comment

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“U R a liar and a sociopath!!”

Siobhan: D:

“Who the hell even knows if those babiez are mine!”

Siobhan: HDU! D: D: I would never sleep with another man. Ever. Ever. ….Unless I needed to use him for a scheme. Or engaged in intercourse with my real husband, who is not you, b t w.


“R u worried your husband is nat father?”

“I’m worried he is…"  DUN DUN DUN

!!SPOILER!!: The baby daddy is really Andrew. For one of the twins. The other twin’s father is Bodaway Macawi. None for you Henry. Bye.

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5 overrated buffy episodes

  • once more with feeling obvs
  • restless
  • tabula rasa
  • i am drawing a blank for two more. but i know i have quite a bit more that i feel are overrated. 
  • ps. i’m not saying i don’t like these episodes. expect restless not really so much.
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their response is idiotic. like. letting it go? why? so people can feel comfortable mocking others? i hate when people get called out on their bullshit and then get defensive about it

I replied to the op with:

You’re actively perpetuating harmful stereotypes. People are so scared of what their friends/family will think, because the stigma of mental illness is so great, that they often go without much needed help. How many suicides could have been prevented if people weren’t scared to get help? People are scared to disclose their experiences with this type of illness because they’ve seen this kind of mockery made of it. I didn’t let it go, because all people deserve respect, not just some people. I didn’t just let it go because standing by passively is saying it’s okay to say harmful and hurtful things about people who need love and compassion, and it’s not okay.