Questions From Pomp-Adourable

So I got tagged to answer these questions and since pomp is such a damn cutie I decided to oblige. 

1. If you could own any animal for a pet, without any legal or behavioral issues (meaning if you chose a large prey animal, it would be totally tame), what kind of pet would you want?

Aw man. Probably a red panda? Those things are just so FLUFFY AND CUTE AND UGH.

2. Do you think foxes are overrated?

Mmmm nah. They’re pretty great. And I fear my roommate will give me death glares for a week if I don’t comply.

3. What is your favorite song that is not sung in English?

99 Luftballoons – Nena
(I love me some 80s jams)

4. Do you know the words to any songs that are not sung in English?

[mumbled fake Japanese]
[more mumbled Japanese]


5. If you had the opportunity to move to Night Vale, would you? (If you don’t know what Night Vale is, move on to question 6. Also you should totally listen to Night Vale)

UHHHH. NO. I would want to say yes but I’m kind of a weenie. Plus, as a Radio, Tv, Film major, there’s a good chance I’d end up a (dead) intern at the radio station.

6. Is there any(other) fictional town you would like to live in?

Can I just… live permanently at Diagon Alley? Like, stay forever at the Leaky Cauldron or something? I think that counts right? (The Aloha Oe doesn’t count as a town SO I guess I can’t pick that.)  

7. Your favorite character has just appeared by your side, grabbed your hand, and yelled “RUN”. Which character is it, and what are you running from? How are you going to escape?

Ford Prefect, how very sudden. Thank GOD I’ve got my towel. What’s that? Now we’re running from the inevitable destruction of planet earth by the globular and intensely bureaucratic Vogons? Running won’t do any good. Quick, grab the SubEther radio device and your electronic hitcher. Put this fish in your ear and grab The Guide, we’re off!

8. I make gourmet marshmallows. Is there any flavor you would like to try in marshmallow form? If you don’t like marshmallows… what the hell is wrong with you. Don’t touch me.

Peach marshmallows sound like heaven filled with an angelic chorus all singing Bohemian Rhapsody.

9. What style of underwear do you like to wear?

I guess they’re called, “Cheeky Panties?” Whatever that means. My favorites are white with big, dumb red hearts on them. They remind me of cartoon boxers and I just love that.

10. When you go to Starbucks, what do you usually order? If you don’t like or don’t go to Starbucks, how do you usually take your coffee? If you don’t like coffee, do you like tea (do you have a favorite kind)? If you don’t like tea, what do you usually drink in the morning? If you don’t drink anything in the morning, you should reevaluate your life choices.

Caramel Apple Cider is awesome at fighting off impossibly cold Wisconsin days, I get it at the campus Starbucks when convenient. When at home, I like Good Earth original tea with raw sugar.

11. Is there a piece of jewelry you wear every day? If not is there something you simply can’t leave the house without?

There are actually three pieces of jewelry I wear every day, which is strange because I never thought myself as a jewelry person. The first is an emerald and silver ring from my grandparents for my graduation. The second and third are Christmas gifts from my boyfriend, Alex. Two years back, we exchanged matching silver bands that say, “Love Until Forever Ends.” I’ll admit it’s a little dorky, but that’s what we are. Big, dumb, dorks. This year, he gave me a handlebar mustache necklace, real little and sparkly. This whole thing with ‘staches came about when I made facial hair for some pirate actors for a school play. My car is even adorned with a glorious handlebar.