"YG연습생도 다 됐고. 나 아는 사람들도 다 선입견 지우고 그냥 내 랩을 듣고 내 랩에 반응해."

"Forget YG’s trainee. Erase the prejudice you have. Just listen to my rap and respond to this rap." - B.I before his stage on SMTM

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flashflesh said:

Do you think stiles will die this season...? They said that some regulars won't be coming back for Season 4 and since Stiles is the Nogitsune which is the Void Kitsune and one of the future episodes is called De-Void, do you think he's gonna die :'(

no, no, no. they can’t kill stiles. everyone loves stiles!!! he’s cute, he’s hilarious, he’s funny, he’s smarter than anyone in the show, hey he’s the one who always figures it out!

Can you imagine Teen Wolf without him? I CAN’T!

I think that those some regulars will be someone like twins or Peter, or may be Isaac?

and you know Jeff, just remember he’s super troll. 

and sorry for my english

last time slayer played in halifax a local store had a contest where if you took a picture of yourself wearing a slayer shirt you bought from them you could win backstage passes but i won second prize which was just the slayer hoodie i wear every day and another shirt so that’s why half my clothing is slayer merch now

flashflesh said:

Thank you so much for replying omg my mind was on Stiles dying the entire day hahaha okay I'm relieved now I can't imagine a world without Stiles! And your English is perfectly fine :)

thank you too. sometimes i think that people don’t understand me lol

now  let’s think positive :) poor Stiles can’t die, he has suffered enough


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Dan Bau - Vietnamese One-stringed Zither

Similar to the Japanese Ichigenkin, almost a pre-Western-ized whammy bar. Kerry King, eat your heart out. It is said that this instrument is meant to mimic the human voice, with all of its subtleties and nuances.