“I am contacting you because we’d like to screen the first 42 seconds of your video "Cat Puke” during the Internet Cat Video Festival at the Walker on August 30th and we would like to have your formal permission to do so… We would also like to include your video in a YouTube playlist on the Walker Art Center’s YouTube channel, which again, has no commercial attachments as we are a non-profit cultural institution. Would you be willing to post the first 42 seconds of your video on YouTube for this purpose? (I choose this cut from your video in order to keep it family -friendly, and hav no intention of disrespecting your artistic vision and piece. It was nominated a lot by the public so I’d love to include it but this is a public community program we have to keep it sort of PG-13.)

There is one additional possibility.  We are in discussion with Animal Planet to screen a video from each of the festival categories on their network.  In the event your video is selected, we would like you permission for a one-time screening of the video on their network.“

ANIMAL PLANET!  Totally my demographic.


Bosch - Ghost Puncher

(music video by Slave Clothes)

–Hot Shit!


music: Ghost Puncher - “Bosch”

visual: Slave Clothes


You should watch this.


“Are you going to be at Cinefamily tomorrow? I’d love to meet the artist behind the mesmerizing Cat Puke if you are:) I wanted to screen yours there, but because it was a matinee showing they had me err on the side of family-friendly as well!”

Damn, almost got my shit up at Cinefamily!  Here’s the gutted version of Cat Puke for the kiddies, literally all the insides taken out.