you wanna know why i dont buy spn merch from hot topic? because someone thought it would be a good idea to plaster ‘join the hunt’ on every piece of merchandise.

friend, the entire point of supernatural is not joining the hunt. dont ever hunt. once you start hunting you cant go back. a hunters life is something no one wants. whenever it comes up, dean and sam literally try so hard to convince those people to not hunt. 

and where did that even come from!? its not even a canon line or reference to anything. it was never in the show. it wasnt even on a sign at a gas station they stopped at for 0.4 seconds. do your research plEASE before you make merch.

because you have jimmy novak on a castiel t-shirt and bracelets with the nonexistent ‘team dean’ and ‘team sam’ on either sides.

that is why i dont buy the spn hot topic merch