Parksborn coffee shop AU requested by Anonymous

Idea: Harry works as a barista and Peter goes to the same Coffee shop everyday.
Notes: Peter and Harry are not childhood friends in this as this is an AU.
- ————————————————

Harry Osborn.

That name filled up every news channel, every gossip and businesses magazine up to the point Peter had sworn off TV and anything involving Gossip until the hype died down.

The hype being Harry Osborn’s return to New York after ten years of absence due to his fathers, the former CEO of Oscorp, death.
‘Former’ because the younger Osborn had taken over the role.

It wasn’t as if Peter hated Harry, he’d never met the kid in fact. They were the same age and Peter was almost sure they had gone to the same kindergarten when they were 3. Peter just didn’t see what the interest was, He was Some rich kid Peter didn’t know.

And it was true, Peter hadn’t really met Harry Osborn. He never thought he would and he didn’t care if he did.

But the story wouldn’t be interesting if it stayed like that.

Peter raced into some old coffee shop trying desperately to escape the pouring rain outside. The rain hit the ground like ice, Peter could hear the down pour on the roof.
He shook off his hoody and ran his hands through his hair roughly.

The coffee shop itself wasn’t anything special, it was old looking, something hipsters would flock to in hordes. Coffee filled the air and Peter heard his stomach whine.
Something caught Peter’s eye, and it wasn’t the sofa that could have been found in every hipsters wet dream.
It was a pair of electric blue eyes.

"Oh his eyes are the best part." A girl had at Peter’s high school gushed.
She, along with plenty of other girls, had been convinced now that the young new CEO was back in town they would have a chance, Peter had let out a laugh by accident and had been glared at.

It wasn’t even the girls. Peter, who wanted to be a photographer, had been mesmerized by the electric blue the first time he had opened a magazine and seen the boys face.

Peter walked up to the counter after a few minutes of staring around and at the bowed down head which was covered in a lame sports hat.
Peter stood at the counter awkwardly before coughing and tapping the small, round silver bell on the far right of the counter.

The head snapped up, electric blue eyes stared at Peter with forced down annoyance, a tight smile forced itself on the boys lips (Peter wasn’t staring, no not at all).

What was different about the Osborn heir was his hair, His eyes stood out more against the almost platinum blonde hair he had under the sports hat.

"What?" Harry snapped.
An older woman, clearly his boss, slapped his arm which made the billionaire straighten his back.
“Can I help you?” He asked again.
The woman behind him smiled and nodded to herself.

Peter wanted to say something cool, why? It wasn’t like he wanted to impress Harry. Why would he want to? He didn’t. Why was the CEO of Oscorp working at a Coffee shop anyway? Peter did. Not. Want to impress him. He was a CEO and he was always barista? CEO by day, barista by day. He. Did. Not. Want. To. Impress. Harry. Osborn.

"Never see too many billionaires working at a Coffee maker."
Peter heard his own voice and mentally slapped himself.

"Never see too many mentally retarded people ordering their own coffee now a days." Harry sneered back instantly.
The woman behind him sighed and walked away to serve other customers.
“And keep your mouth shut about the Osborn thing, do you want Paps to take over this place?”

Harry’s voice ran fast, his eyes darted over Peter’s face.
Peter opened his mouth but Harry cut him off again.

"How did you even know I was Harry Osborn anyway?"

It was a valid questions.
Harry Osborn no longer had the dark brown hair Peter had seen in those magazines and on TV. His hair, as stated before, was blonde and much of it was covered by a dark red sports cap. He wasn’t wearing a flashy suit, he was wearing baggy clothes. Clothes that would more suit someone that if you were walking and saw someone wearing it you would cross to the other street. A smile couldn’t be found on his face, no charming quirk of the lips, no fake laugh could be heard. Peter doubted anyway could have recognized him, He didn’t look like the same Harry Osborn that Peter had read about and seen on TV.

Well, expect his eyes.

But Peter didn’t want to tell him that.

"Hey. Hey! Kid, you gonna buy some coffee or leave?"

Fingers snapped in Peter’s face and a voice reached his ears.

"I was actually thinking of just standing here." Peter replied with an odd sense of confidence. "Since its raining an all."

"It’s not raining anymore." Harry pointed out bluntly with a dead face.

"Oh." Peter’s confidence trained.

"Yeah." The same dead face stared at him until Peter could feel his face heat up.

"I-I should-I’ll just go." Peter went to turn, he lost his balance and hoped forwards awkwardly with his arms flapping either side of his body. He finally found his footing and almost ran out of door.

He could have sworn he heard an elderly woman saying: ‘what a sweet boy’, followed by a groan of clear annoyance that even more clearly belonged to Harry Osborn.
- ————————————————
It wasn’t stalking. Definitely not. Not at all.
Peter simply liked the Coffee shop. It was warm, cosy, it felt homely.

It wasn’t Harry Osborn.

Not at all.

"You finally gonna order a coffee?" Harry asked when he saw the familiar grin that belonged to Peter.

"Finally gonna tell me why you’re working here?" Peter could feel his confidence entering him again.

"Name?" Harry asked, ignoring Peter completely as he began to write on the Coffee cup.

"Peter Parker."

They didn’t talk again that day.
- ————————————————
“Why’d you dye your hair?” Peter asked a week after their first encounter.
It was a stupid question, Petet already knew the answer but he wanted to hear Harry say it.

"Blondes more my color." Harry replied dryly as he prepared Peter’s coffee.

"It suits you." Peter complimented cautiously.

Harry stared at Peter a long time before he shrugged.

"I know."

Peter spends the next 2 minutes giggling to himself at his table, he looked over at Harry once and he wouldn’t bet on it but Peter was sure he saw a glimpse of a smile.
- ————————————————
“Why are you working at a coffee shop?” Peter asked for what seemed like the 1000th time. “Don’t your man servants make good enough coffee for you? You’re putting them out of a job.”

Peter chats on without a single word from Harry. When other customers come to the counter he stops talking about anything relating to Oscorp, he instead chats about the weather and Harry’s hair, he sees some of the customers giggling and looking between him and Harry with raised eyebrows and small smiles.

One lady smiles at them both, both Harry and Peter know what she’s thinking but neither of them correct her.

"The house is too big, thought I’d take some time away from it." Harry answers one time to Peter’s question.

Peter stares at him and for a moment Harry regrets telling him that, the Osborn son suddenly fearing pity from some random boy he had deemed as too annoying a mere month ago.
But Peter’s expression changes in a second, a smile covered his face and a laugh escaped his throat and Harry was thrown off for a moment.

"How boring is that! I was hoping it was gonna be because we were apart of a serious government FBI undercover operation type thing. How disappointing."

Harry felt a laugh leave his lips without even thinking, his lips cracked when he smiled, they were not used to such an action. They hadn’t shaped that way in a long time.

"You’re an idiot Parker." Harry laughed.

Peter simply grinned.

After a few minutes of a comfortable silence Peter smiled wider, he quickly scribbled something on the side of his Coffee cup and waltzed to the front of the counter and slammed the cup down.

"This is not adequate for me, sir." Peter said as posh as he could. "I shall be going now, please endeavor to make better coffee my next visit."

Peter dramatically strided out of the front door.
Harry couldn’t hold down a laugh, He could get used to that feeling.

Harry held Peter’s coffee cup in his hand and grinned. He didn’t have to check it to know that Peter’s number and date invitation was written on the side.


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