Finally I finished this picture after an unwanted stay at the hospital .-.

Again these are my Victorian-Age Mycroft and Greg as a kind of … Vampire Hunters ^.^”’ Somehow I had the lyrics from “Warriors” sung by Freedom Call in my Head while posting this picture *____*

”At night, high up in the heavens we fight
Faster than lightning we strike
Like fires that rip through the night
Surrounded by light”



Bray sits in his rocking chair with contempt in his eyes. "You’re a fool for coming here, Dean." He warns him before rising and taking a few steps toward him. He is a mere inches away as he replies: "I’ve given you a taste of what I’m capable of…" In one swift motion he was lurking behind him, breathing down his neck. The eerie words he spoke next brought a chill down Dean’s spine as he softly whispers against his ear: "But I’m afraid, that was only the tip of the iceberg." His hands now roaming his entire body, digging his nails in and leaving deep scratches in Dean’s already bruised skin. Dean lets out a hiss, both in pain and in pleasure. "I’m wicked, Dean." Maniacal laughter as he continues his assault. He places his hands against Dean’s belt and whips it out, causing his pants to fall to the floor. Dean stood there in only his boxers as Bray creeps up behind him again, proceeding to pull his own pants off, as he whispers once more in Dean’s ear: "I’m unpredictable…" He bites down hard on the lobe of Dean’s ear, causing him to cry out in pain. He positions himself outside of Dean. "You never know what I’m going to do next." Were his final words before taking him hard from behind.