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Crap. Crapcrapcrapshitshitshit-


He’s late. After he told Slade to be there on time, he is the one that’s late. This is definitely a curse. With a groan he pushed himself to run faster, the water coming up like two giant walls around him; the speed force cracking dangerously in his wake. He was pushing this speed, but he had to. He was already late. 

Finally, he got there. Panting, he put his costume back inside his ring, attempting to catch his breath.

"Right… Okay… Wedding…" He murmured, running his hand through his hair. "Iamsodead." He zoomed up to where the wedding was taking place, seeing all the guests inside - but no Slade. 

"Oh shit Slade, where are you?" He hissed. 

ok i’ve decided that we should rename the Larry Grandma group to Seasoned Larry Seamen. who’s with me.

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