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Reasons you should go to Bloomingcon: Today there was a presentation on Madoka Magica with lots of yuri There will be lots of giveaways There will be Cosplay And you should support local artists so that it will grow bigger and better every year

See, there are some reasons! And the last one is a pretty good one.

Unfortunately I personally KNOW half the vendors there, so that kinda falls apart for me personally. One of them sells my dad’s jewelery, in fact! ( withagrainofsaltdesigns, buy their stuff, they are cool people)

I might pop by tomorrow for a brief period of time. Not sure I want to put in cosplay effort, though. (Sailor Cosmos takes an awful lot of effort, and I got shit to dooooo, particularly when my favorite photographer can’t put in an appearance. Why yes I am self absorbed.)

And the Madokis are REALLY more skyyskipp's thing anyway.

skyyskipp said:

second video i linked had some cool stuff. you still might know it but there were some neat redstone things. i admittedly knew a lot of the first video's stuff as well.

Okay, so I haven’t watched it all yet, but when I get around to it I will.  I did know the first few things and judging from one of the later things I saw (extended redstone device using cobwebs) they’re things I know or have at least heard of.  

But I have a few things you may not know…

InfiniteObsidian Glitch:  Basically it’s a glitch that uses blocks such as redstone wire to generate obsidian without destroying a lava source.  Notch knows about it and never planned on fixing it, so technically not a glitch.

Fun facts about Mob Spawners:  Most “normal” spawners (Zombie, spider, skeleton, etc.) spawn the monsters in air no more than 4 blocks away from the spawner.  They also have caps based on the number of monsters in the area.  They spawn in light levels of 7 and less.  Exceptions: Silverfish: Spawn as listed above, but also will spawn on Cobblestone, Stone, Stone Brick that sort of block, no matter the light level.  Blaze: Light levels to spawn are 14 and less. 

Redstone:  Interesting little device you can make.  A binary signal that travels along a single wire.  In other words, you can send a byte of data (that’s 8 total 1s or 0s or any combination) along a single piece of redstone (Or theoretically more than a byte).  Makes some devices much more compact and allows for better user input.

Sheep:  There are 5 different naturally occurring colors of sheep.  White is the most common, while Black, Light Grey, and Grey are all fairly equally common.  There’s one more type that you’ll probably never see: Pink.  It has about a 0.125% of spawning.

Lightning:  So thunderstorms happen every once in a while, and while the lightning effect looks cool, it also does some cool stuff.  If lightning strikes a pig, the pig will transform into a Zombie Pigman.  If the lightning hits a Creeper, bad things happen.  A blue aura surrounds the Creeper, making him “Super Charged”.  A Super Charged Creeper blast not only does insane damage, but also leaves a much bigger crater.  Fun fact, the lightning strike actually sets the Creeper on fire, but because it always rains during a storm, the rain usually puts the Creeper out. Speaking of fire, killing a cow or pig or chicken with fire (either flint & steel or an enchantment or whatever), the animal will drop the cooked version of it’s meat.

skyyskipp said:

I felt compelled to say why I follow you but I feel like thats proabably not needed due to the fact that I've known you since 2006? I assume we met then. Also i miss you, its been far too long since we've caught up.

hahaha yeah I was more curious about my recent followers but I don’t ever mind saying hi to friends/mutual follows :)

Okay…time to make a list of things I’m looking forward to this week to help me get through the day

  1. Joe arrives on Saturday
  2. Frank Turner Concert with Sara and Dan
  3. Beginning to work on routines maybe?
  4. Getting to give Joe a hug and kiss
  5. Pokemon X & Y
  6. BBA birthday party for the show
  7. Joe is coming

Okay…there are a few things I can look forward to….I just…need to make it through these two days of classes.