Season 2 preview - Vader vs. Kanan and Ezra (starts at 0:51)

In which Obi-Wan is de-aged to idk like 14? I’d say ‘only god can judge me,’ but that’s basically just asking to be struck by lightning. 

na-vhenan asked:

YOU ASKED FOR MORE, so: padme/anakin/obi-wan, an assignment on the outer rim becomes an extended camping trip on an unpleasant planet (lbr, this has probably happened in canon, but still)

i read this wrong and did it with ahsoka instead (UR FAULT, I WAS LOOKIN @ UR ICON) so you should do the padme version because it is ur fault.

  1. anakin breaks a rib when they crash.  ahsoka and obi-wan notice he’s in pain, but let him have his dumb pride.  when they’re finally picked up five days later, he faints into ahsoka’s arms.  he wakes to his head in obi-wan’s lap, kix’ glare burning a hole through him, and ahsoka trying very very hard not to laugh.
  2. ahsoka is an a+ forager.  anakin failed that class pretty hard at the temple, and just eats whatever ahsoka sticks in his hands. obi-wan would forget to eat entirely if ahsoka didn’t drag him along, but is excellent at putting together whatever mushrooms or berries she can find into something resembling an actual meal.
  3. they’re attacked on the third night by something with wings and a very prehensile, very sharp tail.  anakin is on watch and, after a few minutes dodging lightning-fast tail stabs, cuts its head off without a second thought.  “what,” he says to both of them, who woke up, lightsabers in hand, hearing the crash, “it was going to eat us.”  obi-wan makes him burn it.
  4. ahsoka slices into the ship’s communications array to try to contact the council to pick them up.  when anakin has to sheepishly admit to crashing another ship, mace gives obi-wan a very stern glare.  obi-wan just shrugs.  
  5. the first night, sharing the one thermal blanket, obi-wan rolls unconsciously into anakin’s embrace and mutters something long-suffering that sounds like “just ten more minutes, master.”  ahsoka, on watch, raises her eyebrows at anakin, who just puts a finger to his lips and whispers over obi-wan’s shoulder, “okay.  ten more minutes.”

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Does Anakin wear a wig, or does he stay with the baldness? He should at least wear a hat to protect himself from the harsh suns.

He definitely rocks the baldness.

But I am so glad you mentioned hats anon, because I need to tell you the story of Anakin’s hat.

So in the beginning of his new life on Tatooine, Anakin has a tendency to run around in a lot of big brown cloaks and hoods. (They are definitely not Jedi robes, okay. He’s not a Jedi. These are just proper desert clothes, that’s all.) And he always covers his head when he goes outside. (Which, let’s be real, all the characters actually should be doing in canon, but alas.)

This is basically how things go on until one day, about five years or so into this gig, when Luke is pretty well established as the Jedi teacher and Anakin has kind of turned into a mentor figure against his will, one of the Jedi students shows up at Anakin’s place with a wrapped present. Let’s call her Oholi. She’s a survivor of one of Palpatine’s Inquisitor training programs for young kids, and she’s kind of unofficially Anakin’s padawan now, though they would definitely never use that language.

So Oholi comes in, probably with a couple friends, and she’s laughing to herself as she says, “Hey, old man, I heard it was your birthday or something, so I got you a present. Saw it and figured you’d love it.” She’s trying to act all aloof and above it all but it’s kind of ruined by the way she can’t stop snickering.

And Anakin takes it with a completely straight face and makes a big show of opening it, and it turns out to be this hat. This absolutely hideous hat. I mean it’s misshapen and lumpy and it has a massive brim and it’s bright neon blue. And Oholi and her friends just start laughing up a storm.

But Anakin takes this hat like it’s the greatest gift he’s ever been given. Makes a big deal out of it. Thanks her really sincerely. Promises to wear it all the time.

And Oholi thinks, yeah, okay, he’s kind of beaten me with this over-the-top acting, so I’ve got to give credit where it’s due, but there’s no way he’ll actually wear the thing.

But he does.

He wears it all the time.

And I mean all the time. Not just around the house, but out in public. Once he even wears it to an official function. Oholi is horrified (though Leia, actually, thinks its pretty funny).

Ten years later, she’s a happy and successful Jedi working on the Outer Rim, and she comes back to Tatooine to visit her old mentor Anakin, and when she gets to his house she finds him puttering around his hydroponic garden, humming ridiculously, and wearing that damn hat.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars

 is held up high among fans. The production quality is astounding. What’s even more awesome is that it’s all canon and gets the George Lucas seal of approval. Let’s chat about that a second before I jump into season one’s best episodes.


1. It really adds to the prequels. Most fans agree that the prequels suck. Thank goodness for Clone Wars. Anakin is actually fleshed out as a character. It’s a real clear progression why he goes to the Dark Side. The usually steadfast Obi-Wan even has a love interest he chose to leave to stay in the Jedi Order….

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Regarding Vader's suit--to what extent do you think Palpatine might just make changes, remove and replace things like vertebrae, to make a point about who owns Vader's body? I've always kind of suspected that some of this went on, sometimes with only a shallow pretense of medical necessity.

Yeah I…I think that’s pretty likely, actually.

Also I suspect Palpatine did a fair amount of unnecessary modification in the immediate aftermath of Mustafar, and that Anakin may not even be entirely aware of what was done to him.

And I would be incredibly surprised if ROTJ was the first time Anakin had been electrocuted by his master.

The entire Sith structure and philosophy is fundamentally abusive: mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically. We don’t actually see much of Palpatine as Vader’s master in the films, but what we do see paints a pretty bleak picture: Palpatine has a brief (and very interesting imo) moment of tenderness when he rescues Anakin on Mustafar, but after that it’s all sadistic enjoyment of medical torture, cackling gleefully as he tells Anakin Padme is dead, taking evident pleasure in informing (or so he thinks) Vader he has a son only to say “It’s you or him” (because Luke can join us or die, yeah, but if he turns then Anakin will have to die, unless he can somehow manage to overthrow Palpatine). And then there’s whatever happened between ESB and ROTJ to make Vader go from a Dragon with an Agenda who had actual hopes of overthrowing his Master with Luke’s help to the completely despairing and hopeless husk who says, “It is too late for me” and “I must obey my Master.” Not to mention the end of that confrontation in the throne room itself.

(And yeah, I actually do lean towards the interpretation that, whatever happened to result in Anakin having a metal vertebra, it was Palpatine who did it.)

I’ll Come With You - The Rewind Edition: Chapter 1


Summary: A Vision of the Future AU.  When all does not go as planned after Luke and Mara’s escape from the cloning chamber in the Hand of Thrawn fortress on Nirauan, they are both forced to reevaluate their priorities and relationship - no easy feat when it’s essentially one-sided…

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