Okay, so this is from ep 5.19, where the Council is talking about sending people after Ahsoka. (Guess why I’m rewatching this scene).

First image is from when Tarkin is talking and saying that Ahsoka is guilty. You can tell that that is the exact moment Anakin stopped liking Tarkin, and threw away his friendship bracelet.

Second image is me trying to cap Anakin’s little head shake after Mace says that Anakin going to get Ahsoka back might make things worse. Anakin does that head shake, and then says, “With all due respect, she’s my Padawan.“ So I’m trying to interpret that head shake: I’m leaning towards it being a “I can’t believe he’s saying that” shake, and trying to clear his head before moving on to his dialogue. After all, it would make sense for him to feel that Mace is disrespecting him by not letting him be in charge or take responsibility for his Padawan, and trying to get someone else to deal with it.


World’s longest transparent skywalk built in Chongqing

China has finished construction of the world’s longest transparent skywalk in the Chongqing Municipality.

The horseshoe-shaped cantilever bridge, which stands at an altitude of 1,123 meters, contains 50 windows, through which people can enjoy the magnificent mountain view of the Yunyang Longgang Geological Park.

The cantilever extends over 26 meters, 5 meters longer than the renowned Grand Canyon Skywalk that overlooks the Colorado River in the U.S., making it the world’s longest transparent skywalk.

According to local newspapers, the safety of the bridge is well ensured, and it can withstand a magnitude-8 earthquake.

The skywalk is expected to open to the public this May.

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Philoctetes singing "One Last Hope" from Hercules was basically Yoda training Luke in The Empire Strikes Back


Asexy April Big Bang Submission

URL: http://vortisaurus.tumblr.com/
Link to previous work: http://archiveofourown.org/users/azhdarchidaen (no star wars fic specifically there, but some ace stuff and an idea of writing style)
Summary of fic: (post-ANH, pre-ESB) When Alliance business mean Leia has to pull out of a mission she was planning on accompanying the boys on, Han’s fairly certain it’s the perfect opportunity to tease Luke about his very visible disappointment. But it doesn’t take much conversation for him to realize that the kid doesn’t actually know exactly what he’s feeling — or even what most people felt in the first place. And since it looks like this goes beyond Luke’s typical farmboy naiveté, Han decides to help him figure it out.

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