do you all remember how ewan mcgregor said that his relationship with hayden christensen mirrors their relationship on-screen?

I don’t know how to take that

like, do they love each other like brothers?

is he planning to set hayden on fire?

do they leer at each other with UST?

does hayden jump out of vehicles while ewan makes sarcastic remarks…?

so many options


Okay, so this is from ep 5.19, where the Council is talking about sending people after Ahsoka. (Guess why I’m rewatching this scene).

First image is from when Tarkin is talking and saying that Ahsoka is guilty. You can tell that that is the exact moment Anakin stopped liking Tarkin, and threw away his friendship bracelet.

Second image is me trying to cap Anakin’s little head shake after Mace says that Anakin going to get Ahsoka back might make things worse. Anakin does that head shake, and then says, “With all due respect, she’s my Padawan.“ So I’m trying to interpret that head shake: I’m leaning towards it being a “I can’t believe he’s saying that” shake, and trying to clear his head before moving on to his dialogue. After all, it would make sense for him to feel that Mace is disrespecting him by not letting him be in charge or take responsibility for his Padawan, and trying to get someone else to deal with it.

Obi Wan Kenobi - INFJ - Hufflepuff

Caring. Methodical. Reflective. Private. Concentrated. Sympathetic. Idealist.

“Serious minded and caring, values are just so important to the INFJ whose word is not just a bond but tied in with who they are intrinsically as people. Integrity is the watchword and they will be excellent listeners, patient, supportive and with a strong desire to ‘do the right thing.’ Their perception and sense of perspective means that others will ‘open up’ and they will be seen as the catalyst for making things better. Although quite gentle, softly spoken and preferring to be out of the limelight, the INFJ will work long and hard behind the scenes to maintain harmony but they are also intensely independent - both of thought and spirit - and will be outspoken in their defence of human values, the downtrodden, the oppressed.”

The Flash’s Mark Hamill Didn’t Think He Would Get The Joker Role Because He Played Luke Skywalker

“So I’m driving into the first recording and I don’t even remember what I did! I’m practicing the laugh on the way to the studio, forgetting that they have reference tapes that they can play.

In Los Angeles, by the way, no one bats an eye if you’re laughing maniacally behind the wheel of your car.”

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—Is it just me, or does he look like Anthony Hopkins in that pic?

But let’s talk about the fact that Vader thinks the Jedi betrayed their principles. He doesn’t think, as Sidious and Plagueis did, that they were naive fools whose principles were inherently worthless. He thinks that they were noble and true and then turned their back on everything they swore to uphold.

He’s not 100% wrong.

I suppose it’s fitting that he is looking in the mirror when he thinks that.