ok so skyrim for my pc is utterly broke - no sound, slow as tits, not registering my controller and overall pretty much unplayable

which means I’m back on console, taking webcam shots of my tv screen

anyway here’s my new oc neshmet

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You have found our fortress. You have returned, my daughter. But what is it you seek? Is it to be one of us? To make the darkness your own? To feast on the souls of the living… and the dead? Or are you with them? The Dawnguard. They think they can stop us. But we will find them. The Elder Scrolls will be mine and the tyranny of the sun shall end!


Yet again, the lovely perfect entreri took screencaps of my Skyrim character and sigh sigh the amount of love for this woman I cannot express. Thank you again. ♥ PS: If you couldn’t tell already, I’m a sucker for the whole dark hair/light eye complexion in my characters /cough my femshep /cough. Terrible habit of mine when making characters. It’s hard to create different appearances in characters. In some way or another they end up having similar traits. Oh well.

I mean I’m not saying I’d want to have a party with a bunch of imperials but if you support the stormcloaks our interactions are going to be staggeringly awkward

sometimes I think skyrim’s kind of underdeveloped and repetitive and could’ve benefited from implementing more worldbuilding

but imo it has some of the greatest random encounters ever, esp. given that they’re not characters you’re supposed to get to know or have proper dialogue with eg. the revelers, the thief/hunter chase, the wedding guests, even the random thalmor escorts etc

just reloaded and did the whole goldenglow fucking beehive mission again bc brynjolf was very upset I set 4 hives alight instead of 3

one day when you’re high just sit and consider the amount of time and effort you can be guilted into expending by things that you are aware don’t actually exist

does anyone know of a skyrim mod that adds extra sliders to the char creation, and how to download it? lmao I can’t get my char to look exactly how I picture him and I’m super incompetent at modding

as much as I have fun playing skyrim I think it has massive flaws

the entire combat system is leaden and the social interaction is just nonexistent

when I play it I feel like I’m wrapped up in a really sweet world with great lore and great exploration potential but from there I have to extrapolate everything in my head and the only reason I can really enjoy it is bc I have an active imagination

I’m getting really attached to darkwater crossing like I’m not gonna be able to leave

first of all its situated right next to a. some niceass waterfalls and a river and b. some volcanic hotsprings area, like if you had to pick 2 things to live next to they’ve got to be on the consideration list

there’s at least 3 quests to be done here and there’s a mine and the occasional guard patrol (stormcloak, though I think that might just be bc I went with ralof) and it’s where the stormcloaks were apprehended at the beginning of the game so even though it’s a diddy village with one real house it feels full

the people are awesome, everyone’s a miner or fisher

there’s annekke and she owns the house and founded the settlement, she’s great and her surname’s crag-jumper and she’s an ex-adventurer who longs for the lifestyle back and complains about her milk-drinker husband soooo

her husband (‘verner rock-chucker’ yh I know, wtf nords) is a wet blanket who wishes his wife was more 'down to earth’ or shit

sondas is the 100yr+ dark elf who spends an inordinate amount of time mining and tells you 'you’re not as attractive as you’d like to believe’ if you’re not wearing clothes (also you can marry him)

tormir, also nord, is the coolass single mum bc the bio father ran off and she is not happy about him, not happy at all. she says the legion are 'mean’ (her daughter’s words) so I’m not sure how she feels about the multiracial settlement but I’m a bosmer and she’s not called me anything yet which by skyrim standards indicates she wants open borders

hrefna her daughter is the best you don’t get it I hate kids and the kids in this game are shit too but she’s adorbs and she calls ulfric a 'bad man’ but tells me not to tell the guards omg. sondas takes care of her when her mum’s not about which I think is cute as hell and derkeethus, the argonian currently missing, used to take her diving and she misses him sob

derkeethus went to get some fish and never came back but you can rescue him! iirc he’s the only marriable argonian

there are two more guys but they’re never there

there are also the hunters camped nearby in the hotsprings place perpetually bathing which is great

everyone sleeps round the fire in tents apart from annekke and verner and it’s next to a spawn-point so the whole town can fight shit together yeah

this has been the skyrim small village brochure please visit this picturesque minevillageplace

wardenblues replied to your post: does anyone know of a sky…

yes! there are some good ones on the nexus -… this is a good one. there are others that are more specific too

adeptable replied to your post: does anyone know of a sky…

Maybe this is what you’re looking for?… There should be instructions on the download page and with the download itself.

woah, you both picked the same mod so I feel like it’s super credible now

it looks awesome, thanks both of you!