Those who Galen cares for or tolerates

  1. flowergirlsura “Hello, my sweet”
  2. darthaffliction
  3. hello-desmond-go-away
  4. anakinneskywalker “Vader. The only Vader I really like.
  5. skyrimconfessionss
  6. esteljune “Who are you?”
  7. connor-is-the-captian-of-my-bed
  8. ask-starkiller “Starkiller. How are you, my brother?”
  9. martin-teague

I’ve never played any other race than Nord in Skyrim. I’ve found that the Imperials and Bretons are boring, Mer inherently evil and the Kajiit and Argonians are for furries. Am I becoming an Elder Scrolls Nazi?

So my friend used my Tumblr the other night and she sent something into that Skyrim Confessions page and whatever she did she ended up getting loads of hate mail for it and now my inbox is spammed with hate because people think “I’m” an idiot…

People…I didn’t do shit, this has taken me by surprise :/

"Soon after I bought the game, I arrived in Riverwood to a dragon attack. As usual, the guards and Alvor joined in. Alas, Alvor was killed. But as soon as that happened his wife ran out of the house with an iron dagger, leaped on the dragon’s head and stabbed its eyes until it died. I have never been able to look at Sigrid again without seeing the majestic wrath that dragon suffered at her hands. Even after years…"

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"My jaw drops and I giggle like an idiot every time this happens: The Dragonborn asks Serana what she knows about the Elder Scrolls, and she says she doesn’t know much. She then says, “Turns out you don’t learn much about something just from sleeping with it,” or something to that effect, and you have the option to say, “Are you saying you want to know more about me?” implying that the Dragonborn and Serana slept together."

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"Skyrim never seems to get old to me, seems there is always something I never seen before. Just last night while I fought an Expert Necromancer, she re-animated a bandit. As soon as I landed the killing blow to him, he let out a soft ‘Thank you,’ as if he was trying to regain control of himself and break her curse. I felt heartbroken and cried after that.”

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